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I mean i mean. I cannot see them not wanting to do erica. You are you watching the mandalorian week to week. Oh yeah yeah for sure for sure mike. My only curiosity. And if they've launched this in a movie do the mandalorian able to bounce back and forth from series two movie once it hits the movies. That's probably where it's going to stay right with all these new series coming into to kind of fill it spot. I i mean i don't know we've seen we've seen other series make movies and then go back to. I don't know if this is the best example but we've seen with the x. files i think. That's a great example. Because they did it like they continue to season finale with the movie yeah and then came back with the career and it was all canon like it was big cannon. Yeah yeah and we're seeing a lot more like the threads the connectivity with the marvel stuff in the movies. We haven't seen it yet but we know it's happening. We know it's happening. We've got kevin feige coming out and saying this is connected to this and this will tie into that. And i mean i think it's all i think disney's trying to sell us all one big package here and whether that means the mandalorian is in in movies and then goes back to his series. I mean it's all it's possible. I think disney is probably you know we'll get to marvel later but he made Kevin foggy very clear. That blackwood is going to be in theaters. He almost emphasized words. That being said it. It seems like disney is really taking sort of a wait and see approach With anything that goes in theaters. They never said whether or not it would or wouldn't be on disney plus at the same time If i were them. I would just wait and see what the kobe situation looks. Like and feels like I i love what hbo is doing. I also think it's kind of an interesting move to show everybody your cards right now. Given that the situation with this disease changes every couple of weeks ago we have no idea. What twenty twenty one is gonna look like. You'd be closed. Who knows. I can't say that i love what. Hbo warner brothers is doing. Because i mean you know. There's a lot of theaters theater owners. Private theater owners family owned theaters and things like that. They're going to like. They rely on these big movies. Hitting the third legendary is fucking suing wonder about. It looks like they're going to litigation here because they were they were they found out about this whole deal with dune going to hbo max within an hour and a half to two hours of everybody finding out for themselves up in public. Yeah it is sad. I mean. I'm very selfishly thinking about just getting content. Which you know. We really haven't gotten this year in large part and being able to watch suicide squad at home. It's not how. I'd want to watch it. At least we're gonna be able to watch it. You know No i get it man. It's fucked up fucked up city. We're in uncharted territory with this covert and how we're gonna handle the next year going into it. So rangers of the new republic any guesses as to what the series is going to be about. They didn't release any details. Show maybe originally. It was called carry dude and they changed the fatal just the distance from the controversy around scenic. Fran that did cross my mind. They changed from kerry dune because legendary was going to sue them for that name as well..

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