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So as we good fam-, unless you're strategy was the hit this thing in the fist which face. I don't see how you was going points. When will you win? If you won the fight is weighing the me when that nigga hit you with that left and sent you across the rain in fouled up with that combo. What were you looking at after that? Because it appears to me that you were looking for the exit. You know, what I mean, many backyards in front of you? But you look in way off in distance. Let like you're looking for the exit sign y'all multiple times. I seen them looking for the cl- looking at the clock. He confused the exile glide, but tell me you heard of that do come on me. I. I. I ran across Instagram before he he does everybody like that. He got an inch cool, man. I I don't think he he didn't funny. But yeah, he could be funny. No, Hainault ha-had. He no he ain't now. I think he's he's definitely not. This is almost like a stand up comic. Is more like a reaction God. But is. How did he? Reactions get really huge. If we if we if someone can help me get his name, I guarantee once we'll Google because I I've looked I've watched I've looked before. So I guarantee we find his name, and we go with them dudes get numbers birth his reaction videos. Do big burners is not the only one he's done. I've seen plenty of them. I thought he was big, I don't know. And I'm pretty much in a bubble neighbor thrive. They got it off the voice, they got voice, bro. Now, man. He's pretty big thing. I mean, any self made I'm not saying he's fucking Tom Cruise or like that. He's not Jamie, FOX, you know, this is the arrow of. You know, social media making comedians. He's he's no different in that. The do Tony skits. Right. Like these dudes are self made. Don't stop hating because one day they're going to be talking about you like this saying you were self me you'd I do hate him. I just don't find them funny. I think he's funny, man. Coming highway funnier I think wh- with my Shige. I think he funny. Right. Whatever he ain't funny of what's right, though. I had eight four. I mean, honestly, how you had to ten three. But whether they were. Eight nine three tenure. I'm must say I four around to give the Boehner. Wow. Yeah. Four, that's like Koto pack, eight four you. Well, you said that was closed on the fight was close. It was. I mean, eight four that was competitive shit eight how how much different is different from your non three now because my nine three is ten to. But I won't argue someone see non three, but I was like, you know, not really then. Remember, you know. Thank you by Kinko. That's mad remai- for appreciate it. For the people in the chat that said ten three y'all trip because there's only twelve rounds, but they was laughing and if they're not, but look I. Shots early. Okay. My. Mmm-hmm who's paying? Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute since you are so brave break out the lists. But there's one guy that doesn't need the list for this. Right. And that's, you know, aren't we correct on that? Should we not be serving you some crow? Did you Adrian Boehner? Or do you need the list to get better? There are big, bro. Okay. Mike, I willing. Didn't you pick them Jennings? Hold on winning there yet. We. Yeah. Yeah..

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