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The family of one of the former Marines being held in Russia, Trevor Reid released an audiotape They say he recorded from his prison cell spent my whole life in the service of my country, and I would appreciate it if my country but To bring the homeless difficult. That's what situation back to my family. He and his family hoping for prisoner swap with Russia Sherry Preston, ABC NEWS HOMO News 1000 FM 97 7. And it's 5 31. This is Wednesday morning Cloudy in Seattle. Now Sonny later 55 degrees. The current temperature along with Greg Herschel time manufacturer here, the top stories from the 24 7 News center. King County has hit the 70% mark for people who were now vaccinated. The county is the largest in the nation to reach the goal among adults. It comes six months after the vaccine rollout began in December, and with 1.3 million people now fully vaccinated. King County's indoor mask directive will be lifted on June 29th. It allows enough time for people who just got their final dose to reach full immunity. Today, the state will start contacting the latest winners in the shot of a lifetime lottery. Someone wanted $250,000 prize in yesterday's drawing after matching up people in the States vaccination database. The winners will either get a phone call an email or a text message. This Vietnam veteran says it's unfair that people who got their shot through a federal program are not eligible, just mildly irritating that at least give me a chance. Even if I don't win. I would like a chance winners will only have 72 hours to claim their prize before it gets rolled into the pot for the final drawing. July 13th. The push to allow fully vaccinated Americans to enter Canada once again could be facing a big hurdle. Canadian Border Service Agency workers are set to vote today on whether to strike they're seeking a new contract and a strike could threaten the ability to get essential goods across the border would also impact the push for Canada to open the border to non essential travel. The border has currently been shut down. For more than a year, The state Employment Department has announced the largest weekly benefits increase on record, and Cuomo's Brian Calvert tells us it kicks in after the state fully reopened. You would think more money would have been more appropriate during the height of the pandemic, but months ago, a rule require Benefits to coincide with the average worker pay was suspended. Now that rule will be reinstated next month, meaning weekly unemployment payouts go up as much as 50%. There is a catch. This is not for you. If you're currently getting benefits, the new hire weekly pay only goes to new claims filed on or after July. 4th those who will qualify for this get another 85 bucks per week couple that with the increased federal benefits that run through September And weekly checks grow to about 600 bucks all the way up to over 1200. There's little doubt the benefit increase will likely add to criticism that high jobless benefits are fueling a labor shortage by encouraging those unemployed to stay home even though rules have resumed requiring them to look for work. Brian Calvert. Common use, you could pay more to ride the ferry or drive on toll roads in the near future. State Transportation Commission just proposed a rate increase of 2.5% for passenger and vehicle fares on state ferries. Increases on toll roads like the highway 99 tunnel in the 5 20 floating bridge are also under consideration. It could begin paying an extra 25 cents in October. Coming up on the KOMO Morning news after we check traffic and weather taking politics out of disaster declarations. I'm Carlene Johnson new legislation in the wake of last year's devastating fire in the town of Maldon aid and comfort to officers charged in many Ellis death. I'm Corwin Police watchdog group outraged 5 34 narco traffic every 10 minutes on the force from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center. Here's Kierra. We've been working with a crash at Tiger Mountain on westbound Highway 18 just west of the summit, but it looks like it's now being cleared out of your right lane. So at this point, we don't have any blocking problems. But you are finding a lot of brake lights on north and I five work your way between highway 16 and the Tacoma Dome. And then we're seeing some lighter, slowing out of federal way towards state route. 5 16 still not much slowing us down south on 95% of about four or five and actually North. Um four or five is looking really good as well. Eastbound 5 12 finding extra company, though between Meridian and the Valley Freeway, which is then going to be slow and go pulling away from 5 12 and working your way into Pacific. I asked to see a brief slowdown around 2 77. And one more delay right as you're approaching 405 our next Cuomo traffic at 5 44 traffic sponsored by Napa auto parts, whether it's the next day delivery or getting involved in their local communities, Napa goes above and beyond to serve you because their motor never quits. That's Napa know how Is the forecast from meteorologist Kristin Clark. Quiet Sunshine returns today in high.

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