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Camp about two it's under by loyd we've got to get this guy and wall we've got to find ways to give a games and he has boy to just about every gave relegated playing as florida state of that he's been involved in every game because of a out the brinson side as had would they love this guy and this is what alabama is about bragging competition unhurt says the fight for his job and every week because the guy behind it yeah we're talking about one of the better sophomores and college football jaylen hurts but can't necessarily be comfortable because of the guy them used up right behind him to receivers right singled out of the love first at a temple the tennessee 27 flooded by law takes the snappy fix the jacobs he role to his levy both have appealed but apply to the fifteen dried line although the left has hit stood up at thirteen before you stood up at critic backwards shack wickets the first gotta make contact with it that's a gain of fourteen fouled adil post down the kiev role it to his left now which is placed side for him and he's got a quick release and he's got a really quick spiral twos fun to watch how that ball slings out of his arm quickly swan ride more days it singled out of left pushed out and said what the tennessee 13 cheap goods fake dan's hunger by law rolling right rose quantity had sold incomplete judy was out there gold was all the cover to pass was out of bounds of wiggled second out exact with fort thirteen remaining in the third and well they have a leader good for you to seven not tell you what the result a couple of shots of him up closer between plays and he doesn't look nervous he looks very comfortable when he gets up to the lot is rubbish he sees like he's got a really good grasp of the offense not only that but he's throws for the most part outside of the interception that was tipped his throws a pretty great position history the twenty six boy and his quarter for.

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