Stephen, Senator Obama, Madeleine Albright discussed on Chris Plante


Point out that stephen is in the crowd tonight senator obama and the reason is this the notion that somehow not talking to countries is punishment to them which has been the guiding diplomatic this administration is ridiculous it's ridiculous it's ridiculous on bizzare exhibit so of course he didn't sit down and now he's had with the castro brothers i think he did the macarena with the castro brothers just like madeleine albright did the macarena with kim jong il kim jong il and madeleine halfbright of course with the macarena ticket ticket ticket ticket ticket tell like doctor evil i think that might be where the doctor evil people got that whole thing but the doing the macarena amazing so barack obama he was going to meet with everybody he didn't do anything even though dennis rodman tried to lead him to water he would not drink barack obama now i again if you're communist than you probably think that barack obama did a great job with that whole castro brothers thing giving them everything they'd ever dreamed up from the united states while not asking for a single thing return no human rights reforms no releasing political prisoners no turning over cop killers who were given safe haven and cuba allowed to live their lives their murderers on the lam from the law here that that you know friends of brock obama's real are there you know friends of friends of barack obama's who are cop killers that are given safe haven and cuba and of course the obama administration did not ask for anything in return and therefore the cuban people got nothing in return and barack obama got some photo ops in front of che guevara and all of that good stuff but we got nothing in return assata shakur cour as she likes scholar self she's a racist and a communist and she's a cop killer and she was given safe haven in cuba by the communists thereafter breaking out out of prison here with the help of leftists.

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