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He completed less than sixty percent of his twenty. One passes for a pretty darn meager one hundred thirteen yards also through what kisla described as a mindless interception providing. Another hunting sense of deja vu from twenty twenty qb rating fifty two point three pretty much a failing grade even for a backup without the benefit of work with the first team offense during practice. We can't bronco's coach vic fangio said in the post mortem. We can't have a hangover from this game but some san we certainly do don't we but again i ask you. Is it time to throw in the proverbial tau tau or. Was it just a bad day for the denver broncos. I'm still on the bandwagon about you now. By the way ravens defense had five sacks both broncos and the ravens are three and one although yeah denver's wins against the one in three giants the zip and for jaguars and the one and three jets. Ravens have a win against the kansas city chiefs. Now here this actually for me added insult to injury. Was this an in your face. Move or what and it pretty much. Irked the broncos. So what harbaugh do well. He preserved the ravens. One hundred yard rushing straight by running jackson instead of quarterback jackson instead of taking a knee with seconds remaining the game and the game was well to say well cited would be a bit of understatement right. So you had jackson running for five yards on that final. Play giving the ravens. One hundred thirteen yards rushing extending their one hundred yards street to forty three games. Which by the way tied the record set by the great nine thousand nine hundred. Seventy four seventy seven pittsburgh steelers teams of rocky bleier and franco harris. It was kinda rude and unnecessary. It even surprised to jackson. He said afterward. I thought he was going to ask me to take a knee referring to harbaugh. But he didn't stop there. I didn't know what he was thinking. Jackson said the game was put away. Not the most sportsmanlike decision. Wouldn't you agree and broncos players fans alight pretty much livid about this in your face type of maneuver as they walked into the postseason locker room now again. As mentioned sunday broncos will play pittsburgh. Where big ben rothlisberger and steelers struggling struggling with one. Three record and there is hope hope springs that bridgewater will be able to play but doctors never liked to predict the recovery of concussions. Because no two are. The same protocols are in place it will be up to an independent neurologists to clear bridgewater for the plane trip to pittsburgh. So let's hope that Teddy is able to reignite the broncos fire and get them back on track but both the offense and the defense struggled yesterday south. It's just not that simple is it. But are you bailing on the broncos. You tell me triple eight five. Three zero zero forty three. Meanwhile some fireworks. The celestial type brought Some smiles to some faces source of happy for.

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