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Correct but like he was the man in that movie like i remember like everyone wanted to be him who saw that movie and he was the worst influence ever he was the first guy to pull the trigger yes the first guy to throw a punch he was the first guy to get mixed up in shit because it was the bravado it was just me saying and yeah i mean even in the suburbs of illinois that was felt it so so here we go in and so what you said doesn't matter if his black white urban suburban just identifying with that character you know saying there's no difference than a was isolated john claude van damme movies yeah box yet now so you loved movies because he he everybody wants to go kicks everybody asks boxing was so big in the eighties while you mike tyson was so big everybody wants to be this this mystical guy who's just tough bar nothing but these movies all the time in playthrough consequence you know what i'm saying so when you're talking about just to stay on topic where you're talking about favorite movies is significance i gotta say boys in the hood and i'm a huge documentary fan so i can't say one film as is my favourite just because i just love good filmmaking but if i if i got to say something that of one movie i gotta say boys and i think what was cool about boys in the hood was especially because i saw like the white poverty problems and that was my first like real look at oh okay this is a whole nother animal from what i see in the country and then when i went to young sound on the south side with the on while that one time and spent a whole i don't know about a whole week in.

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