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In might inspire that driver to do the same. So when someone honks at you, remember, this I say to myself, I bet they're having a hard day in allows me to rewire Sanphong and just this impending closure has already prompted many people to change their regular commuting patterns in this past week. There's been a twenty five percent increase reported in use of the west Seattle. Water taxi. Seven oh four that brings us to our AAA traffic. We're going to get through all this together. Carry will be weird Monday not talking about the via dot com. But boy, we're going to have plenty to talk about on Monday morning for today. Let's just enjoy our drive that we're used to. We don't have any blocking problems right now, we do have a crash on the shoulder though in Renton northbound four zero five near sunset. It's left a solid back up to the valley freeway northbound one six seven slow from one hundred eighty eight to four zero five he's five twelve you continue to work with busy conditions between the mall and pioneer. And then northbound one six seven is a slow drive through much of Sumner toward Ellington, plus you'll find delays between seventy seven and five sixteen. Westbound five twelve still slow for about a mile is your coaching. I five northbound I five looking good into coma. But then crowding approaching Kent Des Moines road, and you're really crawling in Seattle from Albro to the convention center. Southbound I five is slow from Mountlake terrace through shoreline south four or five on the brakes from five seven to five west Seattle bridge is busy between Admiral and I five and then northbound ninety nine slow between diagonal and the stadiums it as you're traveling along the viaduct for the last time today, somebody has decided to decorate it, so you will see. Paint on the road that was thrown from balloons. Little bit distracting are next. Komo traffic at seven fourteen..

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