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Thursday broncos country and it it does feel like abbie thursday nice weather starting to almost feel like fall and broncos back on the practice field with a couple of faces. I think you want to see. Certainly noah fant back out there and limited capacity is a good thing demar dotson for the second day in a row. The full participant. I think there's going to be a decision. It's going to have to be made it right. Tackle you go back to the veteran. Or do you activate allies wilkinson and start him. I think you can activate them and not start him. Then those are maybe mutually exclusive but wilkinson get his job back or was dotson playing well enough that you keep the twelve year vet in. So that's a decision. And then what are you doing at quarterback. I wanted to wait until we heard from drew lock or if we were going to hear from drew lock and i thought we might and it turns out that we did so vic fangio prior to practice drew's gonna do a little bit more and we'll see where we're at but here is drew. Lock himself to. Here's entire press conference for the. I think he does a good job addressing a number of things including not only how he feels. I asked him about his ribs. And how do you recover from sewer ribs. Or how do you treat that compared to say a sprained ankle. Because he had mentioned a sprained ankle he talks about the interceptions a lot. He drew a bit of an open book. And i appreciate that because he doesn't shy from hard question hard questions. He doesn't goof around more than a twenty four year. Old kid might and so. I think that it's refreshing to have someone who's not a robot that that is honest. That is confident that can show a little emotion and so i wanted to wait until you heard from drew. Lock and brown ribbon talked as well. So you hear from that kitto Because i i like everything about him and continue to think that he has a place. Here as the broncos backup for i think a long time maybe behind roommate behind somebody else. But if i've are batman i would say that it's behind drew going into next year Of course a lot can happen between now. And.

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