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It's just how it happens. And i think it's something to maybe look at. What the forty niners situation. Because jimmy garoppolo is marketable and replacing jimmy garoppolo with sam darnold is not easy sell from a business standpoint. In my opinion now. I don't think that's why you should ever make a decision. And i don't think that's why the forty niners will make a decision in this case but i do think it's an angle of the nfl. A lot of people forget to look at. If you're analyzing you've got gotta look at every angle in. That's one angle that i think you should take a look at and i because i've been trying to figure this out all off seats wire fans so attached to jimmy garoppolo when he really hasn't done that much in his nfl career. And i think what you just talked about is all part of it right. They acquired jimmy g. Handsome looks so good. They made a big deal about jimmy g. He's coming to the bay area. You got this young good looking guy. He's got a good personality. Smiles all the time and they played right into that with all the marketing and all the jimmy g. q. All that stuff. That i think has helped sort of bond him with the fans in san francisco plus of course the super bowl berth. And that's why. I think you've got people that are so attached to this guy when really he doesn't warrant that kind of love right. I mean tooth. it's really to within. it's the fact that he's really well spoken. He's really kind. He doesn't he doesn't seem to be diva. There's not much fuss about him. I think that's one thing to. He seems to be extremely well received and well liked amongst his players and coaches in peers and well respected. That's something that like. There's never been a player. That's come out and said anything bad about jimmy garoppolo with the forty niners to think that's a testament to the players that the forty niners have gotten the three years but i think it's also testament to jimmy garoppolo in the effect he has on other people and then the third thing to me is that is that record and i think that people really need to put the record pass them. Because i don't think you i or anybody else who says that the niners can do better than jimmy garoppolo or saying that he's worse than nick mullins. Cj beathard. i think we both. We all wholeheartedly agree that he's a much better player than either of those guys. The question is that the level of player he is. Is that good enough when the team starts not as ideal situation as it was from playcalling standpoint from a personnel standpoint in twenty nineteen. Y'all i mean that's clearly what it is the fact that when he's been hurt his replacements have been so horrible makes people long for the days when jimmy garoppolo could throw his passes. Behind the line of scrimmage that depot and tear into like first downs. Because they're incredible. But i said you know what i said. We weren't going talk quarterbacks anymore and we're right back here so that's it we don't mean yes. That's the penalty. the show is ending now. Sorry everybody we'll try and do better next time this. We really appreciate you coming on with us. I really appreciate it. I wanted to talk to you. I set for a long time. I think you make people smarter. You made me smarter so thank you very much. Thank you so much for having me. It was really an honor to do this with you. I really enjoyed my time. Thank you you can find him on twitter at vici- kumar and you can find him on. The youtube channel blake and vicious sports. As well as mondays. With everybody's favourite forty niners beat writer grant cohen. Thanks for listening to the niners nation. Podcast network. we'll talk to you next week..

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