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Eight hundred fifty horsepower whatever it is or seven hundred ninety seven or whatever they build these irs power machines and people will go they'll crawl over the dead bodies of people they they smothered drug to get to that deal it's amazing how they're eating this alive you know right well it's interesting for me because i grew up a mo park i i was a die hard nortre guy at key axes to snow reduction challenges i dodge charger i was growing up and if i wasn't a par guy i was more of a ford guy now i look at all three the domestics when they're the best they've ever been gm is the best run company it's ever been in history as far as i'm concerned i'm thrilled that all the domestics are are the strongest they've ever been yeah but like you i've watched just the numbers just forget everything else just go with the numbers the camaro struggles the mustang struggles and dodge challenger keeps selling every year it sells more than the previous year it is now well past camaro numbers and it's challenging the mustang thinking about this this is a car that in the sixties destroyed every other pony car and the challenger was nowhere close to camaro mustang sells it is now challenging mustang into well past camaro sales dodge challenger sale and this is the oldest platform allan the oldest card it's the least quote unquote updated all new redesigned and put that all the feet of the dodge guys in general and specific at creating this incredible marketing system in this incredible relationship crazy models these crazy horse powers and colors and bates dot with bringing people in and they found the ingredient and it's working well i can tell you right now i am literally let's see here i just texted guy and he texted back he says sorry it's taken a bit for me to respond when i'm at work has a little bit of surface wrestles the driver's side door has little ding in it i am in the process of buying a nineteen seventy nine dodge power wagon truck and i i don't know what happened to me it's like i am.

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