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She as long as you go through the day. The sodium content is a bit high as as will be with any fast food option. Probably a lot of that is kind of coming from the dressing so ask for the dressing on the side, and you can actually minimize some of the impact of the sodium and another great option. One of my this is what I always go for that Pinera is the pick to pick to go for. Because why would you not want a sandwich and soup? Well, I always do the sandwiches salad and you dip the sandwich to the go making. Making. That's That's good. something. That's something. Get excited about I go with the usually do the Mediterranean veggie sandwich for the half. And then the they have like a. Like a meta training. Qianwen kale salad. Also that I go for. But you know, you could go with the vegetarian black bean soup. You go for the Fuji apple salad of both really solid picks. And what's nice about the take to you get the sandwich? But you get that important to serving a vegetable and fruit kind of thing which a lot of us don't get as we go through today, especially as we go through a hectic day, like one of the things you're not thinking about as you're servings of fruits and vegetables. So by taking this option, you kind of forcing it on yourself, delicious wet, and it does in a delicious way. And look the other thing with this is what's nice about it? It's like automatic portion control. Because if you look at the calorie count on a lot of sandwiches, the whole sandwich might be seven hundred sixty calories, but you take that half sandwich. And now you're down under four hundred calories. The salad is not gonna add a ton. So you're in pretty good shape. Some of these sound I haven't been to Pinera in a while just because I don't live. I do. I I love it when whenever want. Just we can see the sheer joy like getting this love it of the of the grilled cheese effect. My my parents go all the time like they live by one. So they all the time and some of these I've never even heard of maybe their new menu items. I gotta check them out and preneurs really good because they do for a while. They had like there was like there was like a secret menu. Right. Like there used things you could order like chicken power salad kind of thing that wasn't on the menu. But they kind of knew what you're talking about. And it was like chicken and keen lawn. They had there was a breakfast sandwich. That I think that a lot of that has been exposed now. And they they realize things were so popular that they put them on the menu. But they do rotate this. This is a place where they do have a lot of seasonal option. So again, make sure.

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