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Yesterday. The Texans hired a former patriots character coach named Jack Easterby as their executive vice president of team development are people actually really upset about the Texas. Hiring four patriots guy. Here's the problem. I think for the Texans at least from a public perception standpoint because Bill O'Brien is the head coach of the Texans and because of his pass with the New England Patriots. There are a lot of people that are going to look at what happened and they're going to react negatively. So the Texans PR department put out a couple of tweets listing all the things that Easter B's done. He's been a part of the chiefs coaching staff before that the patriots was with USA basketball and be eight teams. But the prevailing sentiment seemed to be a Texans fan tweeting Jif of someone kissing the feet of another somebody else saying Bill, you O'Brien still licking Bill Bella checks boots. Another. Person saying the one thing this franchise never had is its own identity. I we were Denver south now New England south what gives another one my God. This is a copy of the patriots another further. We're not the bleeping patriots y'all need to stop. This bleep already will never be the patriots. We don't have Bella check or Brady someone else's take our logo to this sentiment is that they're copying the patriots for one. It's important to note that the patriots copying the chiefs when they did miss, which of course, was still like copying copies of the patriots. The chiefs of the time were Romeo cornell's head coach. He only was there fuel. He was the GM. So that this Jackie's befell worked for the chiefs in then after the Aaron Hernandez disaster, Bill Belichick realize, okay. I got to do something about this locker room in like be sure that sure that this doesn't happen again. Help these guys develop their young. Yes, they hire jet. What? And who better to bring in the guy who was there for the Jovan Belcher incident with the Kansas City Chiefs because he was getting that chiefs locker room through that. I mean, this guy used to be he has been in some pretty I think interesting scenarios four. Locker room whether second what are we what are we responding to? If if the had him for Giovane Belcher and the patriots had them for Aaron Hernandez. To learn what lurks in the Texans locker, but they hired him like the patriots hired him. Because of they found out. They had a murderer on the roster. What lurks in the Texans locker room right now that Bill O'Brien bringing Easterby this is like the he's like, whatever the wool wasn't Pulp Fiction Easter befell the opposite. He's he's a cleaner. But it's like he actually cleaned things up and good fashion. So what's what's the worst crime? Somebody in the Texans have pulled off the last thing I can think of like the form and getting arrested two years ago. Those right. He was cleared of all of those who was cleared of that. Here's a sharp fellow chip Lewis was yes, it was part of the whole Robert Durst thing. So here's the question. If people are upset that the Texans hire someone to be a character development guy because he's from the patriots. The question is, okay. Have they gone too far down the patriot way. So let's look at the guys they've actually hired from the patriots. And see what we think of those guys Romeo Cornell. I'm good with that. I'm gonna with that too rats Sealy special teams coach, okay, I'm really good with that. And I was the one I was the one shouting like what the hell can we have any ideas of our own when they hired red seal because they'd already had Larry Izzo. Another New England product is their special teams coach now that was a disaster. Well, but I don't I don't criticize that because honestly, most of the special teams failings I'll put on like it was consistent. Good special teams coaches were here in Houston. And and didn't do well guys at a done. Well, other places none of them did well under Rick Smith. I don't think he did. I don't think he works in the back of the roster early. Well, so it was a good one. Brad. Sealion? They ended up having one of the best special teams units in the in the league last year. It was a it was a start start around last year. And really one of the reasons you could say they want eleven game. No doubt. That was that was really one of the strengths that our team. So okay. I'm okay with that who else while they used to be Jackie who they just hired yesterday. Easterby? I'm pretty sure there's like a three percent chance. He's Jesus himself. According to some of these articles stories are absolutely glowing who the Saxons hired yesterday. And as we go through trying to figure out. Okay. The made mistakes going after patriots guys Vince will fork was signing that worked out very well for two years. And and that was the rare. Hey, you signed an aging veteran from New England usually that doesn't work out well for teams but the Texans new they're getting into like Ford wasn't the same guy. But they just wanted to specific thing on the field. They wanted leadership in the locker room. So yeah, I think that worked out. Well, Mike Rabl is somebody who didn't coche with the patriots. But obviously played for a long time with patriots. And Mike was that's more mixed. Mike was a really linebackers coach here for a couple years. Didn't have a good year as defensive coordinator. But the year was lost. Anyway, because the Shawn Watson got hurt midway through. So I think Mike Gabel was a fine higher, especially given the fact that he was hired to head coach in the NFL after the Texans. He seemed to be very good as a linebacker coach. And I know we were all frustrated with what the defense became when he was defensive coordinator. But I think when we look back at today and clowns growth from where he was his first two seasons to where he is. Now, I think you gotta give me a little credit for that. And same thing with Whitney mercilus two. I think that I think able did do a lot of help from Whitney Merce on the Whitney mercilus front making Whitney mercilus more complete player. I think I think when people criticize the Texans for wanna be like the patriots, myself included. It's more about copying, the whole mindset or or like, maybe just trying to copy Bella checks ways. I relented on that a lot over the last five. Six years because it's become pretty clear that O'Brien's own person. And also sometimes people forget that George O'Leary was probably just as big an influence on Bill, Brian as Bill Belichick definitely know in terms of learning the NFL, he learned everything you knew from Bill Belichick, but in terms of his coaching style and everything else like that. O'brien had been around for a while. And I don't think he tries I think like other guys like Scott Hughley the GM of chiefs is now the falcons he tried to be like ballot check when he went out on his own. I don't think Bill O'Brien's trying to be like Bella check. Now emulating some of the things they do. There's some things that I think are good to emulate. Sometimes I think where you you gotta realize. All right. Look like, you can't you can't create a carbon copy of what Bill did with the patriots unique entity will never be replica. And as long as you realize that I think that's key guys. But I don't understand why there is such opposition. And maybe it's because we've seen it attended so many times with the patriots. But should everyone be trying to copy successful organizations, and maybe putting their own spin on it? It hasn't worked out a whole lot with New England. But I mean, I imagine while you're playing there were organizations trying to copy the top organizations of the imagine, you know, the late nineties people. We're probably trying to copy the Packers Broncos in some way, shape or form. What else depends on what you're trying to copy? And I think that's the problem is like to try to you can't copy sometimes when you're trying to copy and organization, you don't realize like, oh, actually it works with that organization because the people involved in that organization like every every entity like every organization is going to be different because you've got different people running it. So it becomes all right? Well, am I really trying to copy the patriots way or trying to copy Bella check himself because only there are certain things that Bella check can do that other coaches. Can't do there's things that Carol can do the Bella check would be a fool to try to copy. Even though it's worked for the Seahawks because it wouldn't be light. Right. So that's always what it comes down to for me is like, okay. Are you actually in copying what the patriots do organization? I would say are you making hard decisions are you making the tough decisions with when the lead players go. You know, are you are you not paying premium prices at pr-? Premium positions. That's one of the things. The patriots do as an organization. Do you? Have Tom Brady is your quarterback. Oh, you don't. Okay. Well, let's disregard a lot of the other stuff that we credit for the patriots way. So it's it's it's a mix and match of of a whole bunch things. I would say that. So that's been Microsystem when people try to copy the patriots don't copy, the good things that are genuinely party organization, but realizing understand that the patriots can do some things like the way. Ballot. Check treats his players. He has a unique ability to divorce the personal side from the business side and get away with it. And part of it is that he's a genius in part of it is Tom Brady is quarterback other. When other guys try to do that, they come across as phonies and frauds and they fail, and that's what you always have to worry about. There seems to be some frustration. Amongst Texans fans for their hiring of Jack Easterby who is the character coach for the patriots for from twenty thirteen until this past season. I wanna follow it one more time because you know, when. You were playing you played for the Jaguars for an amount of time. And you saw the Denver Broncos firsthand. I mean, Mark sheriff is even talked about going up against you. I imagine you had a pretty good feel for what the Denver Broncos were all about. And then you come and you join the Houston, Texas, an expansion organization, and Gary kubiak eventually comes down the road. Did you get the sense when Gary kubiak became head coach of the Texans that they were trying to implement that early late nineties early two thousands, Denver style. Well, no, if anything frustrated they weren't I think kubiak brought and Mike Sherman as offense coordinator in Sherman had a different philosophy in a lot of ways on how to run the football. And it was driving me insane. Because the Texans were doing the complete Denver Broncos offense of system. I wish kubiak would've copied more from the Broncos early on now in terms of like resetting, this the culture. Yeah. He could be had an idea for what he wanted and it was much more of a player driven like player led team to a lot of locker room issues were handled by the veterans on the team itself. And I think he was successful in kind of implementing that over the years when I came back after being gone. For a few years and look at the composition is locker room. I thought acted a really good job of that. I've had really good strong internal leadership that maybe wasn't there under Dom Capers. But he was you know, the thing with kubiak is he'd also spent time under Bill Walsh under in San Francisco with with Shanahan in under Bill Walsh to write all those guys. Yeah. Yeah. So he's been kinda raised up in different systems. That's why he was he was. But I yeah. So it's not everybody's gonna copy. Everybody's gonna do what they learned like. So it's not I can I fault Bill O'Brien for doing and using what he learned in New England. I don't think I should. And I think he's actually a pretty good job of parsing out. What works for him and doesn't work for them. There is a sense of Texans fans. Maybe a rolling their eyes sense that another person from the New England Patriots is coming in here. Fair unfair. So one one last question when you were player Seth was there feeling amongst players. Gary kubiak comes in like oh. This worked in Denver. This isn't going to God. No, no, no. Because everybody ever the proof is in the pudding. I think the difference between kubiak so players would by kubiak O'Brien. I guess would be that kubiak could really proven it and done it as an offensive coordinator and leave yet Elway's quarterback. But like they they won Super Bowls. They had a high powered prolific oftens where running back after running back after running back had extreme success like he had already on that. So when kubiak came in and the other thing about kubiak, and I think I think O'Brien is like this to like, I knew I knew immediately that could be just had a head coach persona like he got up in meetings. He had a plan he handled the only one time where I realized that he was like okay while being head coach is completely different deal. Is he kind of flipped out in meetings one day and said he was tired of getting these phone calls at three in the morning about players like the job. Now, man like you got like he was getting random calls from you. No wasn't getting calls it three in the morning. There was people like calling and leaving him voicemails like tattle tailing players. Where they had seen him out. Like was blaming sports. Somehow, do that's that's the job, you gotta learn how to you gotta have some kind of filter that tells you the important stuff on..

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