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Because people have gotta know whether or not their president's. Well I'm not a crop five told the American people I did not trade arms for hostile climate heart to my best intentions still tell me that's true. But the facts and the evidence tell me it is not I did not have sexual relations without one there will be no lies we will honor the American people with the truth, and nothing else. Michael ISIKOFF chief investigative correspondent for Yahoo News, and I'm Dan Kleinman editor in chief of Yahoo, news, and welcome back to day four of our special coverage of the democratic. National. Convention the Virtual Convention which last night featured talks from Hillary Clinton Barack Obama in a rousing attack on the incumbent president of the United States, and then Carmela Harris I wanNA make a bold prediction for tonight after Biden gives his acceptance speech in Wilmington. If, you noticed Obama gave his talk from Philadelphia, the Constitution Hall nearby Philadelphia I. Think You're GonNa see. Obama and my guess is Michelle there in Wilmington tonight after Biden gives his talk. Yeah. I guess what I was watching it last night was sort of scratching my head. What is he doing in Philadelphia? I mean I get the symbolism But it didn't totally make sense to me. So I think your theory is probably right. We will hold ourselves accountable tomorrow tomorrow's IT turns out not to be right. The Obama speech was extraordinarily you said rousing not a term that I would necessarily use when you're giving a speech in a very quiet room with no audience. No one really two rows there but it was striking in how tough it was on trump i. think he's been. Holding up. For All these years now and finally unloaded with with both barrels so. Shing they've been building. To See Okay we've got Senator Chris coons coming up and he's going to give a preview of the talk he's going to give tonight introducing Joe Biden. Get to that. We have some really breaking news here Steve Bannon the former campaign chairman for Donald. Trump was arrested today and charged with two counts of fraud along with three others now Bannon, it's worth remembering. Succeeded Paul. Manafort. As the campaign chief Manafort of course was famously. Indicted and convicted of fraud in the Muller Investigation You at-bat to Michael Cohen to Roger Stone. One more accused Felon in the trump orbit and I think it's worth noting that in the press release from the Southern District of New York. So this is the Bar Justice Department that has indicted the former chief of trump's campaign, the postal inspector who brought the case. Bannon a fraudster. Is Warning to fraudsters. We've got our colleague Caitlin, Dickson. Here with us. Kaelin actually wrote about this group that Bannon is accused of defrauding caitlyn welcome to the skulduggery and tell us what you know about this build, the wall foundation that Bannon and three others were charged today with ripping off. Yeah. Thanks for having me. So this group was created in two thousand, eighteen called. We built the walls, the crowd funding campaign through go fund me to basically raise money to build a border wall around the time when Congress was refusing to funds trump's or while project, and so these supporters of the president's decided to create their own go fund me campaign to pay for it and Bannon along. With the founder and president of the Group A guy named Brian Cole Fades and two others have been charged with using the organization to defraud thousand tens of thousands of donors and using the money that they collected a sleep for their own personal expenses so that the indictment claims as I recall a couple things about your story. We actually sent you down to the border to be there when they were. I don't know what, what was it a some kind of a ceremony when they were starting the project. But my recollection is that coal footage had said that he was knocking to take one penny of salary right that this was. Originally the idea was they were going to raise some crazy amount of money. I think they were talking about a billion dollars. The. Money was going to go directly to the government to build the wall. That's not what happened. What did happen in? No that is not what happened but yeah, exactly. Right. So we'll phase originally that he was gonna his goal was to raise the billion dollars and give the money directly to the government. He did not raise a billion dollars if it became very clear early on that that was a unreachable and that to give that money directly to the government was not gonna be feasible. So instead, they banned upraising twenty, five million for an independent I guess non profit that they were gonNA created we build the wall and they were going to build sections of of border. On private property and so they did the first one over Memorial Day weekend of last year. Under- The cover of Darkness Otis, the my kind of went up over over the holiday, but we're shocked to see it and they and they didn't get updated and get a permit to build. To. Begin construction right? Right. They did it without any any permits from the city this is in a city called Sunland Park New Mexico, which is like right next to El Paso on the border of Sadat, Juarez in Mexico, and when I went down there they were doing a fundraiser basically raise more money and to show off their new wall and Steve Bannon was there along with Tommy Fisher, the head of this this construction company that trump has repeatedly touted on Fox News, pushed to get order while contracts and trump allies and supporters, and there was when I interviewed Brian Calvart, and he admitted to me. That he did not have the proper permits to build the wall and and was planning to keep going and build and other locations actually they had build they use sort of similar tactics to build another section of the wall at more recently in on the banks of the Rio Grande in Texas and. Last month it was reported that that structure was at risk of falling into the river because it was not stable. So they've been skirting regulations and and using intimidation tactics to pressure you know local governments and the International Boundary Water Commission and apparently according to the indictment allegedly you know using the money raised from people who really want to see Warner Wall for their personal expenses as they've been charged now Kayla noticed that bannon. Has This podcast and he's had Brian coalfields on a number of times including last month in which call pledge on Bannon's podcast talked about how they were working with Homeland Security and that the Department of Homeland Security was identifying parts of the border where this privately funded wall could be constructed. Yeah. Did you find any evidence that that they were at all working with the Department of Homeland Security and that the apartment was supportive of? What these guys were doing well, that is something that they that call at least has has said from the beginning he claims that they had identified the spaces where they built the locations where they were building private walls through talking to border agents and communication with officials at the Department of Homeland Security I was able to confirm and reported exclusively in November that the Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf during his first official visit to. The border made an unannounced visit to the private border wall that I went to Steve Bannon and the others in Sunland Park and really, and gave a speech their praising the word that they had done and so it's circuit that that's strikes me as significant. You're saying the acting secretary of Homeland Security was praising and endorsing what this group was doing this group, which has now been formally accused of defrauding thousands of donors presumably the..

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