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To Sean Hannity? Check him out on Twitter. You can find at Sean Hannity. I twenty five till the top of the hour. We're going to get to your calls in just a minute where he carried over a carry servino who is the chief counsel policy director judicial crisis network. Mega Michaela winter high school with Brett cavenaugh they remained. Good friends. Did you remain friends with him throughout high school college law school into adulthood, when he worked for the Bush administration through his time now being a judge? I think what eleven years now, I did I we were friends through high school and through college. And then he moved away clerk was in California. But we always remained friends. Tell us about how this is impacting his family. I remember a sadly his daughters during the confirmation before the Senate Judiciary committee or the hearings that they had that his daughters had to be escorted out of the room with all the antics that were going. On there. And of course, Democrats turning it into a circus but more than that the people in the gallery would just atrocious. And they took those poor little girls out of the room. I felt bad for them. How are they holding up? Know, I think it's been really really hard for the family. You know, the kids are young. But you know, I'm sure they care stories, and and bright nationally had talked to them about it. And that that's a hard thing to do for your fifth grader and your seventh grader, and it's also been difficult for their friends. You know, a lot of their guy friends has been ripped apart their characters and ripped apart. It's really difficult. And I I just don't think the Senate Judiciary committee took that into consideration in any way and for Dr four to her party family apart. So you also you also knew people that dated him. I did in high school and in college. I did. And and she always was a really honorable guy. Always I mean, never ever did I ever anything like this? What did you make of his statement today define I will not be intimidated. I was really pleased to see that. Because it can. I'm sure it does get very frustrating when starts affecting your family and your deliver and you get death threats and all that sort of thing. Thing by I believe in hand team health, and they are not true. And he is being steered neared. An I I so happy. From this process because it's too important. Where does this go from here carry a main? And now you've got I guess that guy ever NADA. You represent stormy Daniels. Saying I've got people to oh my goodness. I mean, well, look he's another twenty twenty candidate trying to get some of the a piece of the action here. But his allegations are credible. He'll bring some evidence to the judiciary committee, but he has certainly not done. So yet, despite the fact that they've reached out they've even reached out to him we making, you know, crazy allegations by via tweet, so they're really trying to do their diligent. But I think we're gonna have a hearing on Thursday. I'm looking for hopefully. Yeah. Hopefully, she shows I my understanding is she hasn't been finally a fully agreed because she's making unreasonable demands of the committee, but I hope we'll get a chance to hear this. I know judge Kavanagh's looking forward to clearing his name because you know, tha go back to your last exchange. I think this is what they're trying to do is a pattern of intimidation, and bullying, they want people to say, you know, what I would love to serve my country. But I don't want to be have a character assassination. Go on all of these peop-. None of them are believers in the presumption of innocence has actually shocking to me. I mean, Mia Farrow, the mom of Ronin, whatever his name is the guy that. Broke the story. Ronan Farrow, actually tweeted out, oh, Clarence Thomas says he should resign. I mean, this is how far they want to go back to what nineteen Ninety-one now. It's it's becoming a crazy environment guilt by accusation. And the fact that so few people even United States senators don't believe in a process, the people that are being judicious. Here are conservatives and even the Republicans they're saying, let's listen to what she has to say anyway. Yeah. And the by the way, the the same people that are so outraged here, they don't show any outrage over Keith Ellison. None whatsoever. Never said a word about it only when they got pressed now after the fact long after the fact, oh, yeah. Yeah. Maybe we should investigate him to that was their answer. I really appreciate you both being with us Meghan Michaela. Thank you, carry Severino. Thank you have all of this tonight, and a breakdown I promise you won't get anywhere else in the media. Let's get to our busy telephones here. In the meantime as. We check in with Richard is in Kansas, Richard. Hi, how are you? Glad you call fine. I was deplorable. I just was recently promoted to drink. I by the way with that means for those that don't know is that Joe Biden saying that Trump supporters of the dregs of society, and I'm one of the people millions of people one of the reasons that I and millions of other people voted for the president was based on what he said about supreme court nominees. And if this thing goes belly up occurs Grassley and the rest of them can't grow a spine. I quite frankly, don't see why I should bother voting period. I really believe that if Republicans again, if the facts as they are known today remain the same, and they don't confirm judge Cavanaugh again, all the people named in the case. The Senate Judiciary committee is contact at all the witnesses cited by. I professor Ford. They've all contradicted. Her story all of them. None of them agree with her account of events than all the other issues that I brought up with the New Yorker, this this other last minute issue. That's brought up and I I'm just guessing now based on avenue wanting to be in the news every five seconds. It'll be another one before Thursday just to keep the momentum and create the impression listen if Kavanagh's is not going to be intimidated by this and his family is standing by him and facts don't change from Republicans. Don't back him that at that point. I think that it is problematic for the midterms for the Republicans. I don't think they'll be able to get anybody to go out for the what's the point at that point. I think there's only one way to stop this or would require a rule change in the future. If somebody makes it what would be a tortoise or criminal accusation, it should immediately be removed from the committee and put in front of a judge in a court with all of the rules of evidence and cross examination. In place. That's the only thing that will stop this business about uncorroborated last minute allegations. I appreciate the call, Richard. Thank you. Erin is in Raleigh North Carolina on the Sean Hannity show. Aaron how are you? Glad you called. I'm great, thanks. How are you, Sean? I'm good. Thank you good. I'm calling and I have a comment about the information that Dr Ford brought forth in her letter. I found it interesting that she the discrepancy that she couldn't remember where she was the evening of the alleged incident. How she got there how she got home. But she was named the Montgomery County or the county of Montgomery County in her letter. And I just thought that was interesting got me thinking, I'm from that area. I grew up in that area. I graduated in nineteen eighty five and I lived in the same town is she did. And I know that the party that those that we had our kids had back then could happen in Maryland. But could also happen in Washington DC or northern Virginia those private schools draw kids from all around. The DC metropolitan area. So it's funny that she mentioned, you know, Montgomery County specifically, although not any clue wear Montgomery County, and I looked into a little bit. And saw the statue of limitations does not expire in Montgomery County, Maryland, however, if she wasn't DC or northern Virginia, they would have expired. So I'm wondering if she's trying to hold herself to be able to turn this. If something goes criminal with it. She has some sort of case to hold onto listen, I tend to agree with you. I don't know. I think it's very problematic that all four people. And again, we've been trying to be fair as we can be here. The Senate Judiciary committee talked to all the people that were at this party cited by professor Ford. They all contradicted her account. And I know that I don't even it's very very hard to understand how everybody else sees it a different. Way. And and the passion by which everybody from high school to- today thirty six years universally says this guy is not that guy. That's nearly four decades of one's life that person after person after person is discussing here. And then the people at the time saying that wasn't him. Then either all of this needs to be taken into account by the Senate Judiciary committee and by the Senate, and it's going to be very interesting. You know, for all these Democrats to rush to judgment for all these people to deny due process for all these people to say, I believe her for all these people then to say, wow, I just can't vote for him based on this. But there's no corroboration of any kind going back thirty six seven years, whatever it is. I think it then becomes problematic for the Democrats. And who they are. And the reason for skepticism more than any other is their history. Aborting the slander of Robert Bork. They treatment of Clarence Thomas, etc. Anyway, earn thank you Hannah. Next. Tennessee house, our friend, Marsha Blackburn, doing down there we really need that seat badly. And I hope everyone goes out and Tennessee to vote for Marcia. I hope so too. They're going to have a debate tumor evening. Local news on CBS. Okay. Now who's monitoring the debate. But they'll have one Bredesen's is a former governor, and he served very well. I think and he very credible. When he talks. But he's old. And there were rumors that Chuck Schumer talk to mentor vinings. So who knows I wouldn't vote for him. I'll I'll vote for Marsha Blackburn. But it's going to be here's what the people. Here's the one thing. I'd say to the people of Tennessee, and I love Tennessee. I got my radio career start on ninety miles south of Nashville in Athens. Alabama Huntsville, Alabama who is Marsha Blackburn going to be voting with on most occasions, and who is her democrat former governor are going to be voting with on most occasions. He's going to be with the Democrats, and he would be a democrat. So he would be voting for them. However, I think he was a decent governor or I had just moved to Tennessee for Michigan at that time. So I'm really not familiar, but I never heard a lot of grumbling. Grumbling about him. But I have two points to make today. First of all, I'm so happy to second accuser has come forward because she is so far out that it kinda sets the credibility from anything that has happened in it kind of shows it up for what it is. It's part of a smear campaign. And I think it's easier to understand that with seeing her lack of credibility..

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