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Austin? I'm sure this is something wrong with this team. To fix it. But I'm not really sure right now. More of an offense or defense thing. I don't know. No more definitely defense by being together and whole plan for one another having chosen backs. These more. Obviously just because those teams we shouldn't. We lost every bad. There's only accept more of an offense thing or who has that question. Hey, hey, I have a question for you to really do. And I spent a lot of time writing is a member a member a memorized it. Struggles or an offensive thing or wait. Don't answer. Lebron? Kyle sorry. Doc fees down or a defensive thing. Maybe the team sucks. Maybe it's everything. Maybe they hate each other. Not by the way. When's the last time? We said this even when good the Lakers have to beat the clippers tonight. Levers listeners schedule. I they have the clippers. And they have the nuggets then they had the Celtics the bulls. Okay. You can beat them the raptors the pistons I would put the Knicks down as a win. But they're the same team is the Knicks the bucks the nets the kings, the wizard the jazz the Hornets Hornets the Hornets the Hornets pelicans, I'm struggling the thunder. This doesn't stop the warriors the clippers again, the jazz the trailblazers they may not win four more games. The rest of Wow. They are in are those then the east coast swing. Oh my gosh. That's over the bras could be in the playoffs. Lebron is going to basically have a lot of free time on the Santa the exact same time. I moving LA no connection. No connection whatsoever. Here's to blame. Here's some lame. Lebron is to blame. He wanted guys like Rondo on his team. They're not making decisions without his input. Remember the old guys? He brought into Cleveland over the years. He could carry them. Well that didn't work this year. And I was thinking about this today. Last year is Cleveland team didn't have Kyrie. Made the NBA finals. That Cleveland last year was terrible. So. Are the LeBron is aging and it's really really worrisome or more likely. He doesn't like critical parts of what's around him. And he doesn't want to be part of it. I mean, he is still shooting. Fifty one percent from the field this year. I think about that. The dude is still a twenty seven nine and eight player. That's astoundingly. Impressive. Shooting thirty five percent from three which is about right for him. I mean, he's still an absolute machine. But I've covered the Brown enough to know the status and always tell the story you have to watch the games, and sometimes you just to into it. I don't think he's into this is long, but I just want to so most people speak for themselves, his former partner in crime, Kyrie Irving, you could this is this this is leadership. This is facing the music this kind of loquacious long-windedness from Kyrie Irving coming off a brutal loss in the Celtics tells you everything you need to know about a man who's willing to face criticism and do and be the leader his teammates one..

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