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He's actually bad at comedy. And i'm the only is good at it. It's just like how it has the word so there's two virgins they're sort of like people who are more established being like. I can't do that. It was so relaxing to watch a special that. I was not jealous right. It's like i sell jen kirkman and laurie kilmartin. Just being like. I can't do that. This was a cool. If someone doing something go the form neal brennan appreciate it because it was like. Oh this is nice that people doing this with the form. There is a bit of imagine comedians. That are like five years. Who were like this year fucked up my rhythm. I was gonna get new faces and then i was going to bubble ought and i worked in an and this another reminder of what i've been seeing of like megan salter going from this person on twitter. Now she's on a tv show. What about me. You know like that's always going to happen comedians. that's just how get the world. they'll never find two other persons success that they can use as an example of their own personal failure or their own example of like why the systems working against them. I mean i think at least from my perspective. Bo is truly such an extraordinary case. There are so many other youtubers. There are other people around. He one was. I think it's user pretty good but like seemingly is better at that and then by twenty like in those between sixteen and twenty. He's like. I want to be serious and be taken seriously. And he toured. He did live shows and like i do think he was. He understood the basic idea of test out jokes and a little bit. And then you've got more and more comfortable performing. I do think he is not a full example of like. Let's take out the entire system. But i think the hope is and they feel like the people like. I think like juniors the person who's the best at stand up comedy who also understands why it's okay to do other stuff and he's like the better thing is if comedians understands like do everything. Try to make take talks while also you're losing more. Comedians are like there was a time when most comedians would never done a podcast where it seemed like it was do or dilute their artistic growth. Now if you don't do a podcast of your fallen behind right if you're not on social media it's a choice. Will there come point where in the same way that comedians. Who don't podcasts. Feel like they're letting themselves down career wise that if you've been doing it for eight years you don't go to film school or you're like take a film and learn how to use different cameras. I don't think that's a crate. I'm just looking down the line but or is such an anomaly. Which is just as likely i'm not but there's something interesting in the way there. Is this audience. That wants to see stand up as like one person standing on a stage and no one else has anything to do with it. And that is what distinguishes that art form from anything else and so part of the like mystique of this special. Is that although it is a vastly more sort of like films. Kind of a thing that that he did it right like it. Is this distillation of a single person. And he's the only and so we value it and like it. It sort of is stand up because he did all of it right true which hides the fact. There are plenty of tv exists. You can make comedy where somebody else does. The camera part right. There are other ways of creating visual vers and like. There's the sense that collaboration is cheaper to have somebody writing jokes for you is cheaper and it would be interesting if all of the comedians were like. Oh shit do i have to be an autour. In like twelve different languages were instead pushed into a thinking of like. Maybe the thing i want to do is just collaborate with people. Yeah yup and like we had a co worker. Who was like bummed when she watched the credits like anyone else credited. I get it i like it more. I want to talk with someone. Said they know person who shot some of it or one of the producers. that's credited does post production producing so that means someone else was collaborating. They weren't in the room doing what we think of as the creation process but they were probably there. They've they were probably doing a pass. He special thanks his cinematographer in eighth grade and a lighting person that he's used what is that. What was that need. I assume it. He sent emails being. Like what camera do i need to do this. What filters don't need to do this. And yes he set up those lights because as the pandemic and someone can come over maybe to do it and that took time like to me. I like that better does not diminish it all that a person with a vision was like oh i have a vague idea of the colors i need but i don't know why to make sense. I think it's less about him doing all by himself. In more the creativity in the constraint of like how can i do this all in a room with the other hands with me not necessarily completely out of my own brain. There's these restaurants where people feel like they need to make all the parts of it right and then they think that's more farm-to-table than where it's like in europe. Every restaurant making their own bread. They got their bread person. And that doesn't mean is less authentic. I agree with you as i think. I like it better that way. I also think there which i think. You're agree with me that the road to collaboration without form and structure.

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