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So I obviously agree with the basic idea that in America, pretty much everybody is raising their kids or at least a huge majority of people are raising their kids to basically do what they wanna do. If your kid wants Steve, your daughter wants to be scientists. I don't see a lot of fathers standing in the doorway like John Lithgow in footloose saying, you're not allowed to study hemisphere. Taxable feminists on that. They have these phony ads. I think they ran them in the Super Bowl one year when it went kind of feminist and you know they'd have a dad saying, oh, put that away. No, you know, give her a doll and she wanted to play with her microscope and if that happens very often. But anyway, that was one reason. One is that I think that they wanted to liberate people that were forced into the rule, and then they didn't realize that that might not be liberating for everybody. You want to liberate the people that don't like it. Not not the not human nature. As we experience it. There was a second reason is that historically, there have been a lot of disparaging and false things said about women that held women back. So women, you know, my field and philosophy is among the worst fueled re nature continent. It's endless, just all sorts of. Generalizations about the females, the fair sex and how you know we couldn't didn't have the stamina for a quarter of law on all sorts of things. So I think feminism just a lot of women just developed. A tremendous intolerance for for generalizations. But again that what they should have done is allowed that people define themselves and that you will find the and there is a tendency for women, you know, to behave in certain ways and may have certain preferences. People made a lot of money, you know, making television shows and magazines for that market. If you look at you don't, they don't say in most stores now men's magazines women, but you kind of know if you go and the women's, we typically the OB children or you know, faces an man. There's a lot of stuff. You know, they'll be race car cars and at it just to stay. No. Again, that said, what we see in the vervet monkeys and the rhesus monkeys little the little the male will go for the gadget in the female for the doll. Now it's not a hundred percent. There are little girls that are going to go for the gadget, probably even with the monkeys, but there's also the. Norm, and I think it's a thing is yes, it is intolerant to force a kid who defies stereotype his her sex force them to conform, but it's also intolerant to to take a gender conforming kit and forced them to do what they don't want wanna do to forcibly to play with the doll. If he doesn't want to one of the things that's been really fascinating to watch how the transgender movement has turned all of this on its head because the transgender movement has basically now suggested that men and women being as feminist claimed exactly the same man can actually be a woman so long as he claims that he's a woman..

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