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One of his friends came to him. He said. Got a deal for you Dad had brought about in 74 had mostly paid it off. But as all commercial fishermen find out hearts, couple horse stays and you need new engine or something happens. They are from my dad. If he would come make a certain amount of runs for him. Run out me a mothership come back and go up into the base and unload. Away from prying eyes. Carl says his dead He never went to any of these meetings never took the offer. But a lot of people that Carl knew did so you know the temptation was there and they knew that they knew the temptation was there that they could offer to pay someone's boat off. You know, when 30 months you're both pay for and universes again. So this is pirate Town. U s A. A place where pirates smugglers have been plying their trade for well, centuries And this only made me wonder more. What exactly went wrong with the ghost ship? If these smugglers were such probes in this setting was so perfect. What the hell happened? Why was the ship of abandoned £29,000 of drugs in the hold? To find out. I visited Doug McCullough, who at the time was the first assistant U. S attorney in the eastern District of North Carolina. He still lives in Beaufort. We met down at the harbour. Just a storm was coming in. Some wind up. It looks like there's some weather coming in here. So where are we were standing in both for downtown Doug points out to spot where the ghost ship first appeared on the horizon as it was coming in from C. And there was another boat with it to a small skiff almost like a guide boat leading it in. They came through this narrow passageway known as Beaufort Inlet, and Doug Kind of pointed out to me in the distance. And there's something else that Doug wants to show me a cz. You and I look out. There's an island right in front of us. Over the top of that island. You could see a big flag pole with the American flag, and that's at the US Coast Guard station. That station was here back in 82. In fact, that night to Coast Guard men known as coast, he's noticed the shrimper and little guide boat coming in through the inland. And both vessels appeared to be drifting out of the channel. They were just a bit off course. So the coast Ys went out to investigate. First they pull up alongside the little guide boat, and in it, they see someone who is clearly not a fisherman. He was dressed.

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