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So it's pretty chilly right now. 34 in Salt Lake on windy in some places, and it's gonna warm up pretty nice today, though, by this afternoon will be back up into the low sixties, so that'll be That'll be lovely traffic. There's a crash South bound us are 36 Mill's junction and to L. A county cars are on the right shoulder, not causing any delays there. Crash north and I 15 Banger Highway on Ramp and Draper. That is off to the right shoulder. Let me check our message streams here. Friends of the program have sent anything. Oh, yeah. There we go. Car on Fire Redwood Road between Bluffdale and Saratoga Springs. Actually, couple friends. The program sent that one in Fire near Camp Williams. Traffic backed up. Thank you. Both of you that sent that in up. Appreciate it. 33986 is where that came in. Uh, yeah, that's traffic. All right, here's Boomer candidate number three You know, the saline is only about 0.5% effective. Ah Walgreens in North Carolina. Mistakenly gave people shots of saline instead of covert 19 vaccine company said the pharmacy chain insisted that a limited number LTD. Which is the limited number of people Were impacted by the mix up at a location in Monroe, North Carolina. Those who receive saline instead of the cove in 19 shots were contacted to reschedule their appointment as soon as possible. These patients will later received the second dose within the appropriate.

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