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Among the I guess we should say some liberties the brewing celebrities down here. Depend the community. Here on my my right? You'll live, of course, they can't see that Dan scally wag growing. Now. Tell us a little bit about scally way because you're about to we are talking enrolling. We are. We're about to open next probably four to six weeks. We are at the assembly face in a lot of pieces laying around and got a lot of people coming in footing things together. One of these guys this so Matt match one of our partners Molitor partners over skyway came in more recently, one of the more recent partners. He's been helping us out a lot with the construction. Get a lot of good ideas. Get a lot of he else we when I when I don't need to yell at people, and I need to talk to them as if they don't work for me. That's where Matt comes in. And sometimes I help them even more. So when he does need yell it still that we can all walk away and go home to our family. We have fun together. Folks, did yes, it was a good price. Off breaking things when they get rid of the leftovers all that. Crime against man in nature, just wait till next year because we're gonna win at all. So tell us a little bit about where you located. So we are downtown Westmont about a block north of the NSF stop. Okay, which makes it easy walking distance. You can go that line. You can get on that line. You can hit like you can hit flap deck and Berlin you can hit us in Westmont, and then you can go to altered and then stop it to brothers and do all the opposite direction on the way back. Are you going to do any real ales push your hit drinking drinking a cost condition? I am actually I believe this one was the Mrkonic. Oh, miss raven. Yes. Which is the the craving areas down, which is an Irish doubt on IRA stone. I've had it had it multiple times on tap atmos- Kettani, but also and the one of the major differences between their standard fare there for the craven and this one is this one. It does not have any lemon in it. So thing iris-out Iraq. Yes. And the chocolate come through a lot more as a result because it's not being muted by the lemon. So when you get going what's going to be your flagship biz allow release that yet. Things. I mean what I'm thinking behind the wall. Right. All right. Let me ask another question. Then when are you going to have when we have here? Necessarily for the public. We expect to be brewing within the next two weeks. As soon as we have beer that can go out to distribution it will distribution. So they will be out in the wild Ronald vigor straw within by the end of the month. Hopefully, why did you call it? Stally wack. Silly thing wasn't take it. Now. Everything search of the idea, right attitude. We are we're pranksters were rogues where pirates starts with your Han solo. Obviously you can't use that. And so you run down the list, and you find something that works with your apart. Where's your body? Parents. She's at home.

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