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Him black Mellon elderly with that bullshit To get a virus off your computer Kitty they literally ransomware and only works people. They don't understand how to use a computer right over the Internet. A hat works right So that's that's Dante who his hand line is like five inches to back this before. Quarantine and this is his partner looking like. Bony Co Bunny. Colvin Thomas. Dad fell on hard times. I guess he just bad boy. All right let's go to The next one. Let's see we got here much choices? Peak from be hard to top Dante and Call Thomas come on A woman who stole three Hundred Thousand Dollars From Mansfield. Little League team gets eight years in prison. Wow a volunteer. Who stole nearly three hundred thousand dollars from a mass? A Little League team was sentenced to eight years in prison at the pleading guilty to theft the property. Jennifer Su wit which lean fifty two of Arlington became the For the Mansfield Youth? Baseball Association with her child was playing there. She was convinced. Convicted of making cash. Withdrawals writing fraudulent checks for personal use between two thousand twelve or two thousand eighteen. The added up to two hundred and ninety five thousand dollars. How much money does little league bring? In Japan Mountain will confront. She claims to use the money to pay for family. Medical Bills. Prosecutors said but in analysis shows you spent about twenty two thousand dollars on Amazon purchases and another fifty thousand restaurants. All she was balling. Never knows I want. We got a big boxes. Shit was a route Chris every night every night she was Burton's in and up. Fifty thousand dollars restaurants. She was like route Chris. Let's go every dollar. She took it had a real impact on children in our community said Assistant Tarrant County District Attorney. John New Johnny new learn who prosecutor? That's something that cannot be repaid which even A wit evening which evening pleaded guilty to theft of property between fit hundred fifty thousand and three hundred thousand dollars which is not only a second-degree felony charge was upgraded to first degree because the victim was a non profit she was ordered to pay restitution. What's she gonNA get the money from the start? A Basketball League Karen guest race of Jennifer Witty. Wien white can is going with white all right. Let's let's take the chat rooms. What you guys leave care with the hard Er. I didn't know I couldn't do that. Why and illegal her own little Karen White collar crime stealing ask why care and white big ball enough that literally care. Gee Why why money for medical bills whitest uses white women whole white niggers. Don't play baseball especially at the literally with three hundred thousand dollars a steel white Gal a Nigga legally eighteen with three hundred dollars let alone three hundred thousand white the Bitch Carol basking white. Why Taos just a white white correct answer. Is Everyone Guy White? Yeah little like a CAIRN to. I can't even lie. She even got to cut y'all she. I like to speak to a little league manager about. I would like to say okay here Like she took that money. Oh yes he demanded the manager then span none on makeup US along but she took the money. Okay Oh she could district on the super good but there should be a roof Chris every night. Bala Bala Novels Karen Benny Hana's on me I'll own me. She couldn't from the Lido. I'll know she was bombed led to Texas roadhouse or Texas row house. Nice what ten row house and I know. Fancy is not the way she looks. Texas roadhouse. That's you would know. As caring about people she would get to stakes instead of one. I see what you're saying. I got it about this and the right. And that's why I W W writes in Bonn. Guess too right so far carrying into to do. What's the bomb around now? You know it's interesting too because she was doing well for a while but it sounds like at some point. She really struck.

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