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I know anybody plans. No no my daughter has for the first time in a year. My daughter's gymnastics team is allowing parents to go in and watch him do some of their their their stuff. They've been working on during the pandemic so well excited about that. I know there's nothing you'd rather do than that so that's big this card by the way sneaky. Good it is your boy tight. Voss returning greg gillespie in his first fight since that. Kevin lee loss rebel. I love this main event. And by the way dc is much like what we saw just a few weeks ago in the heavyweight division. This feels like the beginning of a middleweight tournament. You've got this fight. You've got darren taylor marmot tori which we found out last week. We'll be on abc. So that's exciting on april tenth and april seventeenth. You've got the return of robert whitaker against powell kosta. I don't feel like anyone right. Now has a leg up but i feel like the guy who looks the best out of these three fights. These six fighters will get the next shot at izzy. Could it be holland. Whose when five and all this big time fight. There's a big five kevin holland in a row. I try not to stay fighters wrightwood certain guys if you get past them. You seem to be on the past title as derek brunson. Bobble whitaker about was that you just said the same thing about rda. yeah right. Whitaker is rather sonya. They beat derek. Brunson they become title. Challengers become champions. If this is the fight for kevin holidays do that but we saw chabosy fight. There is still as good as they come at middleweight. But i do believe that against kevin holland. He has to really rain himself in if he goes crazy and wild holiday going to catch him with something. That's going to make him look bad. We've seen derek get hit with punches at times because he over extended himself right. Even that assign you fight. He was reaching he was trying to shoot for out he was kind of tripping over seventy did it was surprising a little bit but he was able to get take downs in controlling to the point that he exhausted. There needs to take all these skills that he's developed at sanford May in stay within that bubble with game plan that they're going to develop for him if he wants to be kevin holland. Who is an absolute sniper. Right is an absolute sniper. It was crazy about. Kevin holland is that he's really known for his grappling. He's a guy that trees down in texas. would travis lou.

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