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Oakland in coming weeks the school district will expand the program to twenty four sites a particular style of protest dean is becoming increasingly common in California and as we hear from KCBS reporter Melissa call Ross there are some who say it goes too far this type of pro testing involves confrontations with public officials and Sacramento based political strategist Mike Madrid says the protestors invade the personal or private space of the officials by coming up to somebody on a sidewalk sticking a camera in their face being very aggressive trying to embarrass them or what is also becoming more common is people showing up to people's houses elected officials houses last week protesters went to the home of the Fresno city council president to express their frustration over the city stay at home order and recorded the heated exchange Madrid says protesters also might distribute officials personal information police officers and judges have protections around their information and Madrid says I believe we're at a time history will we have to expand that to all publicly elected officials lest we risk somebody getting physically harmed or potentially killed the trade adds that these tactics are nonpartisan and activists on both the right and the left engage in them Melissa call Ross KCBS as researchers are working to develop a coronavirus vaccine one bay area company has produced a potential vaccination that would be pain free K. C. B. S.'s Dan Mitchinson with the details it's not a shot but a patch that uses microneedles microneedles are so tiny you can hardly even to see the needles are so short they don't reach inner so it doesn't hurt how you feel this pressure that's Dr Daniel Henderson CEO of napa based burn dari he says once those microneedles penetrate your skin then medical adhesive attacks is Maxine patch to your skin you don't feel anything it's like wearing a bandaid and after five minutes you take it off the vaccine is still in pre clinical trials but Henderson says the patches would be easier to administer than shots could be sent through the mail and would likely be less expensive of course there's a lot of competition out there right now to create a successful vaccine roughly a hundred thirty companies are in the running but Henderson feels pretty confident he's on to a winner I wouldn't be doing it unless I thought it was pretty good Dan Mitchinson KCBS two men were arrested in Vallejo over the weekend for allegedly possessing illegal firearms police were called to an apartment building on grant street Saturday afternoon on a report of two men loitering and appearing to use drugs one was on parole for a robbery with a search clause police searched both man and found three guns including an untraceable building your self fire arm commonly referred to as a ghost gun Puleo officers arrested twenty five year old Devin Connie Jones and thirty nine year old John well Liam's a major league all star says no way he's ready to take a pay cut for shortened season Kevin the rat has that story when we talk sports in sixty seconds.

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