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Maybe that's true with anything here was being in car accidents and you don't really know if you've ever been in a car accident you don't know what it's like any experience that so personal like this we can't really feel a lot of people are helpful out of people will excuse me while it's an send money to help but unless you're actually there here's this town of cimarron they've cleaned out the town it's evacuate everybody's gone or they better be gone and so the fire hasn't been contained at all same thing situation in colorado near durango this beautiful ranches in that area i knew a fellow was an actor who i became friends with a matter of fact he was a pretty legendary cowboy actor harry carey junior betting none of you know who harry carey senior or junior was right my safe with that assumption carey was the voice that the cubs but i'm guessing that a different area and your harry carey that was terry c a r a y that's how you pronounce it wasn't put at any rate the the actors started the father started as a mentor of john wayne's in some israeli or movies and pretty much the tube stay together and so in the kid was old enough to act harry carey junior became a an actor in a lot of famous films that john wayne made and he was he was pretty much he's very recognizable look him up you'd recognize me if you don't know who he was anyway he had he invited me to his ranch which was in colorado near durango he had about a thousand acres and when i went there it was almost like being a noman'sland you could go from mild you know we all talk about the population explosion and how problematic it isn't the cities you go out to places like this you can go for remember that will sign you can see for miles gulf mogae ken and so these are the areas because there are so few people there aren't a lot of of safeguards and there's not a lot of public facility no water other than what you have that are what's available on the ranches that the ponds lakes and that sort of thing so this stuff could burn for days there's a chance of rain in both states lightning is what sometimes starts these sometimes they're started by carelessness not sure i don't get from looking at any of this information.

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