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He kenny you're on with senator kevin meyer we didn't call the state back because they didn't want to does that elected republicans who actually democrats to expose themselves by going back hide the scandals that was just it's ridiculous i'm sick and tired of that can't stand together you won't even speak up in tell everybody who if the democrats are hiding absolutely fail that kevin meyer republicans thank you i don't you deserve to be reelected that you should be ashamed enough of your to step down and let somebody else take over thank you for the comments county we about the reduction of the pf d and and and i and i hear that loud and clear and i know senator deadly levi's is hearing that and and as as the others when we come back on the other side of the break senator meyer we're gonna it'll be our final segment but we do wanna talk about senate bill twenty six which is the restructure of the permanent fund we also want to talk about the potential to constitutionalize the current formula of the permanent fund since you potentially could be lieutenant governor and if there's an initiative to put it on the ballot if it's not done through the legislature we very well may have you intra will in this process and we'd like to get your views on that in if you have a question for senator meyer like i said we have one more segment the number to call three five seven five eight six eight you're listening to the bosque show here on kvm t asleep well more than halfway through june and chances are you've been busy getting your garden shipshape for the summer inspecting road.

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