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Is the six pack and i have solved the crisis on the southern border of the united states with a plan that is so simple in so genius i'm laying it out for you tonight on the air as as i prepare to contact president trump for a private meeting with him so i can lay all this out basically we just annex mexico that's it that's all we've got to do everything they have becomes ours they want to be here we just bring the country they're all right have you ever been to josh have you ever been to mexico have you ever vacation down in punta cana or any of those gorgeous places cobble negative well they're beautiful and they're gonna be ours now that's fine you won't need a passport it's going to be easy to get there and we're going to take all their resources we're going to clean up the drug trade we're gonna kick out the drug lords and we're gonna make one giant country and we're not gonna have this problem at the border and i think i'm going to add that one dudes proposal we'll take it all the way down to the panama canal so we can take over that and so tim i believe that was tim's suggestion so when i do receive the nobel peace prize tim's going to be on it rob james is going to be on it bill mullins going to be on it josh is going to be on it johnny hill i i don't know yet i'm still undecided and marcus is not going to be on my nobel peace prize because he starts calling north korea the puppet state and why shouldn't we take that over again i think just totally disrespecting genius i know vel peace prize after a hostile takeover into turn the business world you might call if it works according to my plan not a shot is going to be fired and they're going to welcome us with open arms chris thank you for calling six ten wtvn how can you add them my plan okay so i first off i love your show thank you got an hour drive from home every work or after after work every day and i just love listening to you guys so to add to to your plan here it would be a perfect opportunity to have welfare reform you would have you could say to all the mexican immigrants and all the people that are want to come to the united states because they really want the benefits of being a part of the united states citizen living there i would want what we have as well exactly so so why don't we just do a whole whiteboard spleen with welfare and say okay we we amex this and and say okay if you want welfare and you're living in the united states welfare you have to have a current job for longer than six months you have to be clean of all drugs and you have to have you know proper training and whatever it is that you even a gas station attendant so that would weed out people that are just sitting at home collecting welfare checks that i pay taxes on my hard earned money to do so that would weed out all the people that are just there just for the welfare and with the economic boom of all the lifting of regulations i work in the construction industry as a land surveyor there would be so many jobs for development because it is so beautiful you would have investors lining up around the block exactly anything down there once we go to their natural beauty sites those beautiful incan temples the mayan temples and we start building the starbucks and the targets and the burger kings around i mean there's jobs oh all over the place and not to mention mexico has one hundred twenty seven million people get half of those people paying taxes at least half in along with the surplus of fuel and other taxes that you could impose down there you're bringing in another half a trillion dollars that wasn't already there on the book cruise you care to chris you care to share your last name or not yeah chris harman chris harman okay when i get the nobel peace prize i'm gonna make sure chris harman is engraved on there as well thanks for calling tonight man.

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