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This certain type of music because I own establishment. Averages the age of thirty five to sixty five years old, and all these folks make fifty thousand dollars a year, and you've got the nerve enough to say that to me in the Pocono area up into apple years. Lena kids home. Show Hobby show Sydney Ball. Coach off. Like, those that probably the first time that have been so speechless. About stuff that Gonna I I don't have anything to say. I'm scared of what I might say or holly might affect. Me and my family I have a been a twenty eight year of fun, so it kind of disappoints me that this is all still happening. all I can do paintbrushes brothers every day. And my cousin made of when you have somewhat when it happens to the family in that it has been used to go to my cousin. It was really hard and. To show you. A partner holidays. When she said that people should have white people in a bat. Getting need a shouldn't walk. It's me that we are people. They should be in the front line and they should be controlling things over. Little Rowdy, and then that that the COP. Out Home everybody. Be. For you. Live here you I listened. But humming the. Peaceful rallies. We have to go through. I mainly more of this black, white or black folks in front that. Bologna's in the battle. Komo.

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