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Which is a bummer. It does feel like more of a business decision than anything else. I feel like if Disney didn't have this new streaming service that they're about to unleash on the world that it wouldn't have been the same decision. I think you know, the the mobile net flicks shows sort of moderate quality, I think, but I I haven't seen the new series of. But I've heard is it's pretty decent moments. I think just seems like Disney just sort of consolidating their assets on just Just so so they've they've got really. a really powerful offering when they launched this new streaming service next year. Some people have been speculating that the L follow will happen in the comics where the I'm fist, and and cage comics selling that. Well, so they just team them up to make a Harris for higher GIO. And so that may they might be one season where they finished those stories in sort of team up season. Could be cool. Yeah. They were much better together in the defenders. Exactly. Yes. Spicing is a kind of a little bit. You know, they feel a little bit second tick compared to that. I'm On terry. a little bit. Nine fist in particular. But, but but together, I feel like props this something a bit more compelling that I think on the will only know for sure once find out the fate of the other shows there are still three in play at the moment. So there's daredevil Jessica Jones and punisher and there's been no talk about punish the season two. But they can just sometimes just drop these things go. Here you go we presume it in secret. But I don't know it does feel a little bit to me like just watch the space. But it does reveal kind of Ruth aside. The Netflix didn't think that they really had. I always had this. This idea of Netflix is being sort of benevolent home for TV shows at once you get a show at Netflix. You're set up for life, and you have multiple seasons and everything's cool. But they can't keep up that pace of programming. No, they can't they really can't. Speaking of Disney. Big changes in the Disney animation Pixar division as Ed capital has announced that he's stepping down as president of both. He's the kind of. Pixar funder who isn't as talked about as the other two, but he is an absolutely crucial figure, he's he's a technological genius. First of all. But also, he's always had an interest in story. Like, he gets credit for the tech side of things. Maybe not enough for his creativity and his his artistic ability. I think as well. He did I believe I'm sure people right in tell me, otherwise if I'm wrong, basically, invented texture mapping, which is basically wrapping texture around us sort of wire shape in an key computers. Yeah. One of the most important things you can do and that's basically early on in his career. And that was you know, and then he teamed up with John Lester, and then they Lucasfilm computer division, Don to find Pixar. He's let them to astonishing success ever since. So yeah, he's stepping down he'll serve an advisory role until the middle of next year stepping down at the end of this year. And yeah, we'll be massively missed I think was doing. Now's you move it on. So he's retiring? As far as I know. He's just stepping down. But he retiring they're calling it retiring. So okay. I think he's probably hit his target and is h q. His book, by the way is a favorite good insight into how you build a company like Pixar and still manage to pay more than lip-service creativity. It's called creativity Inc. Creativity inc. And it's available right now. That's wonderful. Another plug. I interviewed him a few years ago when he came in to talk about the book for the apple filmmaker series of you Google at you can check it out as a podcast as he fascinating guy. But very quickly idea of net. Flicks game the Toro has announced his first Dr to'real project post winning gold guys for the shape of water. And it is a stop motion animated version of Pinocchio..

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