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I could I could. Maybe let's let's let's go safe. And let's go with maybe maybe baby. Nixon graph on the way, maybe spring that cover. Or big Meech? Be nice, maybe talk. Yeah. I think if you're going to map them sort of a one for one is Choi Lawrence is the Tom Celik. Might be more akin to full house possibly one of our other areas of expertise because I feel like Kato is a natural. Joe uncle Joey. Right. And then you Joey Lawrence is interesting though, because he could actually be uncle nobody has the cleanliness of a young. Yes, he's like Joey or is he Danny? I don't know. He's the most skilled actor. Yeah. Because I guess Tom green is probably the sag of the group. Maybe he's like the the woodchuck that Joey. We can't get this far off track. This early on to the podcast. What are you angry remarks that we didn't actually speak of big brother lists? Do we want about? I feel like this is the most big brother big brother podcast the race. Yeah. All right. We are right. On point this season hammer, you could smash us with a mallet all summer long. Right. We are the perfect to people to be covering celebrity. Big brother. I couldn't agree more. Do you think that it's possible that it's for the best that Joey bath men Lawrence was Vic did because much Kaitlyn before him? I think the repeal who needed him on the outside. Right. He has greater battles to fight outside of the house. And maybe he's gonna come in protect us here in the last seven to ten days of the season. Audibly I feel like he has a greater mission ahead possibly. Yes. Who are you saying his the threat to us? Well, could be Bali. Yeah. I mean, if if Lolo Jones is ever coming for us that don't expect Joey Lawrence to be any help. He's he's off of that train. Yeah. What do you think about the interview that Joey Lawrence ended up doing with Julie Chen the other night? Okay. I'm gonna give a shocking assessment and call it a two for two Inkster riding it as three fou- for sure. But that was the classic fake. I'm turning it on sycophant, Joey Lawrence. I've been a performer on my life. And I'm going to get in front of Julie. And I'm going to razzle dazzle them. Bad news. Julie doesn't have any cloud at CBS anymore. Not gonna work, Jerry. I feel like I I've seen. Mario lopez. Do this stick a couple times before where it's like, they're very particular and fussy, but they've been in the industry so long. It's just like turn it on a dime. I'm performing now. So I did not think it was authentic. I feel like you probably pre can that. And that was his bathroom stuff from the night before you probably crack that was doing he's rehearsing in the mirror. Unique. They are doing warm up getting voice ready. Eric, so you, and I have been discussing this all season long about how many times will we end up hearing, Joey Lawrence's signature phrase on celebrity big brother, this is from another. Amanda, did either of you predict a wo- from the announcer. How about this from the intro joing victim from the big brother house? All right. Inflec- cities. That brings us up to a total of three woes for the season are plainly loss. Roles. We both went over. Well, you are. So what do I for this? This is bad news for me. Okay. Well, let's maybe we'll go double or nothing from where we'll say people should know. And maybe the celebrities don't know this you do not go against big brother production..

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