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Through the late nineties news continued to spread of the escapes in violence at private prisons and public interest in the war on drugs began to wane the incarceration rate for drug offenses stagnated and soon cca was on the verge of bankruptcy they realized they'd have to change strategies if they wanted to keep turning a profit luckily for them a whole new markets sprang up in two thousand one in response to the terrorist attacks on september eleventh the george w bush administration began a zero tolerance policy for immigrants illegally crossing the border from mexico from two thousand one to two thousand eleven there were four times as many immigrants detained at the border than there were in the previous decade the immigrants had to be held somewhere while they were processed before deportation so cca returned to its roots building an operating immigration detention centres by two thousand five about twenty five percent of immigrants in custody were held in private prisons and by two thousand fourteen that number had risen to sixty two percent this was a huge opportunity for private prisons between two thousand five and two thousand fourteen cca and wackenhut which had since changed its name to gio group had doubled the revenue news and in that same period cca had spent eighteen million dollars and geo group had spent four million dollars lobbying congress for more spending on immigration detention in two thousand ten an act of congress mandated that the department of homeland security maintain at least thirty three thousand four hundred beds in immigration detention centres two years later that quota was raised thirty four thousand technically this doesn't mean all of those beds need to be filled they just need to be available but there are huge incentives for the government to make sure all the available spots in detention centers filled a report from the center for constitutional rights revealed that the contracts between the department of homeland security and private prison corporations stipulate that a minimum number of beds in each facility have to be paid for each day whether they're.

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