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Opinions expressed are those of each individual check out all the other Geeky podcast over it GonNa Geek Network Dot Com and get ready because deaconess begins in three. Two. One. Off this. Episode. Halo has an infinite delay. The fresh prince of Bel Air is getting a different kind of reboot. And we'll facebook gaming ever get fully off the ground. All this and more as we reach our next up. The PCC multi-diverse. Don't allow the quasi shimmering before you was a trans dimensional gateway to other worlds, other voices, other thoughts, and other realities up feels like down and down and feels like the number seven on Wednesday morning don't worry that quivering blood boiling sensation under your eyebrows is all a part of the charm. Welcome to the PCC multi-diverse. And we're back with another episode of the. P.. C. C. Multi. Glasser from. Pop. Culture, Cosmos. Inside Sports. Fantasy football. The Lakers fast-break and game source we truly appreciate everyone out there listening to all of our great shows, and if he can't please give us that five star review on Apple podcasts, and if you can like share follow us do whatever you can throw some of those facebook. Stars are way truly appreciated as independent podcast her and someone like myself and my co host Josh that does this basically for the love of pop culture, any help or support that you can give us is truly appreciated. PC multi-diverse without my good friend he's our own the gruber of Pop Culture Cosmos. You gotta check what he's doing today at pop. CULTURE COSMOS DOT COM is awesome shows. Clips and the superbeets games cast, which you can also give five star review to, and of course, his book which you gotTa get today. Congratulations you suck available now at Barnes and noble. And also Amazon. It is my good friend. It is. Josh Peterson. Wearing the Josh shirt end shark. Week. What's up man. I keep trying to get like an H. put right here. So says Jau sh. We haven't gotten enough stars yet. So the funds just aren't there for the s please send us those facebook slower so we can get. Nh might even do like a kick starter for that. How `bout doing kickstart. It would really complete me. Yes. Yes. I do WANNA go ahead and say thank you so much as always my friend for joining me also as well. You got to go ahead and check out what we're doing at the Lakers fast-break recorded several podcast. This week's you WANNA go ahead and check out the latest episodes there plus with the NBA playoffs right around the corner you got to go ahead and get up to date on our thoughts on what's going on in the NBA there at the Lakers fast break and then also Chris are Jerry and I will be coming back very soon for all you fantasy football fans at inside sports fantasy football. I was going to say before we get started on this. Do you feel like taking a little walk around the rumor mill with me? Okay. Well, yeah absolutely. My friend you. You're always welcome to go around the room real. You know how much I love rumors as every time I, get a little bit squeamish when Jamie Monroy pros on game source all those game rant rumors and like only about twenty five to thirty percent of them are actually end up being true. So you know how much I love those rumors? Yes. But go ahead, take a walk around the school take a walk around the rumor. Mill. I was GONNA say Geraldine Post or even right now as he just did is going to be adding some emusic to the segment of the show. Is. Not going to be the limpest get song all about the he said she said, but it's GonNa be more family friendly. Yeah. Is What we're going for here. All right. So rumor number one comes from Aegean itself is a dangerous one remedy. Entertainment is currently working on a game that might be Alan Wake to control expansion that has to Alan wake so. If that happens will see. This next one comes from multiple websites all over the Internet. So I know he we had discussed this back during e as a state play events. A mass effect remastered trilogy is going to be released in. October temporary on that one. Yeah. This is coming from a lot of websites. So I feel like this one seems a little little bit more legit, but apparently, we're supposed to get an announcement for this next week. There's two more one comes from cocoa as I discussed with you before the show. Existing. Copies of control will not be upgraded to next Gen consoles you'll have to buy a completely new game. How do you feel about that? How how do you feel? Do you think that that's true I think the short the fans like that yes. I would think they would short the fans like that. I'M NOT GONNA put anything past these developers publishers no matter how big or how small I've seen too much as far as the video game industry is concerned. So I'm going to tell you right now my friend I don't put anything past these developers publishers, right? Now to make the extra because there is a lot of money involved, it takes a lot to go ahead and upgrade these games. So it's not exactly for free I mean just Oh. Let's just change the color scheme and their go. It does take money to go ahead and upgrade these to a different format, but we don't have to buy it. We as fans don't have to go ahead and purchase it automatically if we want that in Nice Shinier better looking. Control game we wait five years and it will play it fresh wait until it hits the bargain been there you go I mean this is a simple. We don't have to buy it and we don't have to clamor for it. You know right away it's a very successful game from a critical standpoint how well it sold it's sold I'm sure pretty good but I don't think it's sold gangbusters because it's a critical darling but it's not gotten you know the type of. Being Stream, wide acclaim, and attention from the large gaming audience. Out There I, think control still more not necessarily a niche.

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