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That is not gonna these mean the me that's his whole life is pleasing kurt many and it's pathetic he's a 40yearold engineer smart accomplished kind of wife who's got a child shareissuing wakes up in the morning as i hope kurd that meat to meet today this is life sad rilya's what sattar that is has to chris curtis that's what i wanna know being obsessed with chris customs even set up excessive curtis of the other bike the weird curtis stuff upset obsessed with that but like get really more this sound he's obsessed with this picture of of course kersey you against my objections put a cod a leash kurt really fierce objections you almost like i was almost violent 100 percent against it you put a leash on this boston college grad in there and he went along with it how do you escalate that what's next level very replaying at they're not even doing it live there replaying ripping me on friday right now in their show that's what they're doing right now playing they're they're they're saying it themselves the general guest caller and he's a he's you know what their cycles of aligned and they need to get out i feel bad for is immigrants curtis won i like i said today's what so tomorrow's when freddie comes over your take the picture that's right nokia ford of that i have a say coral fit right you've come in order to take a picture they'll put mccoy told you that friday he's gonna be naked all over across the street culver will give a little food well we have this tugboat cables and essen already said rear admiral said if he if if if freddie sprays in the of cleanup and will go down so it no he's party trained he is he yes well he going the paper just lay down splayed on the globe google he said he's a guy your va is back on the rails graphics and calls right lots of people as usual won't masih's here the outpouring of love and support is is neverending igf i love our i love math last week he's my guy you know what racism is all too real i agree with you too it's about everybody's racist i knew that i.

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