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Palm Beach plantation fort Pierce from ABC news I'm Richard cancer president trump not happy about the latest aspecto Wednesday's appearance before Congress by Russia special counsel Robert Muller president trump shifting to an all caps Twitter response saying very unfair should not be allowed to read which owned after Robert Muller was allowed to bring his team's investigative deputy to a hearing Mr trump tweeting about a quote last minute change allowing a never Trumper attorney what a disgrace store system never heard of this before but in fact witnesses routinely bring their top attorneys with them when they testify in Congress ABC's Andy field in Washington the president expected to sign legislation extending for twenty ninety two the fund that pays benefits to first responders who got sick after working at the side of the September eleventh attacks eighteen years ago John feel work the site in the weeks after the attacks has made countless trips to Washington to lobby for continued funding when I'm going to miss the most about DC there's nothing two senators voted against extending the fun Kentucky's rand Paul and Utah's Mike Lee as rand Paul and Mike Lee I told you so we want your **** ninety seven to two the fund is rapidly being depleted administrators recently slash benefit payments some as much as seventy percent in Los Angeles police say a security guard shot and wounded a knife wielding man outside a federal courthouse shot in the hand that man is expected to survive citing the simmering trade tension between the US and China the International Monetary Fund is downgrading the economic forecast for this year the I MF now expects the global economy to grow three point two percent this year down from three point six percent last year and the three point three percent expansion forecast issued in April the fund is boosting its outlook for the US economy mainly on word that the federal reserve will cut interest rates ABC's Derry all dinner you're listening.

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