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Money F l You can watch, live and interact that way by leaving a comment in the Facebook comment section. We'll talk about it live on the air, but the easiest ways through those phone lines right now at 844. 580 Wdbo 8445809326. Let's go to those phone lines here. We've got George calling in on this day. George was one of the show. Good morning, George. Hey, George. Morning. How you guys doing? Good. What's up? So I got a little bit of one on the lighter side for us clean, but it's funny. You know this robocalls that buggy to death all day long. Oh, yeah. And then they come and they want to sell you a burial plot, and, uh, death and they come to the well Who do you wanna leave your money to your Parents or brothers Sisters border. I said no ma bushy cat. They say what I said, Uh, you heard me my pussy cat. There you go. You can't do that. They say so. I say. Well, why not? Liana? Hands me. Let her fortune to her dog. That's right. Can you can't do it? That's right. Yeah. And those teach them. There you go. So you're still getting the calls. George, you're still getting They're still calling you, huh? Manned every day. Uh, me. I think you block that, you know. I know. Well, I just got you If there's an unidentified call, I don't answer it, do you? What do you do? I don't either, But the thing is, if you do block it, and I've tried this on several different occasions, um, they will call back on a different number. It will be the same three numbers, uh, like very similar to my phone number. So the 407 and the blah, blah blah, but the last four digits will be different, so they'll continue to call. I don't know how to get rid of them. I don't answer if it's identified comes up on my phone. It's identified. I don't recognize the number. I don't answer that. Why you don't never answer my phone call. Well, if you were in my contact list, I would answer. But if you're not like you were in my contact, there's always as your father. You know, this is a test. Well, thanks for the call George and you have yourself a great holiday weekend. I know we want to get back to Denise's topic here. I'm sorry I cut you off there. We had our first call. We have Priorities here and I get it, But I was talking about things that people can do to derail their retirement. Okay, so one of the things is you need to decide what kind of lifestyle you want to live. It's going to make a big difference because some lifestyles are easy to fund than others such as, uh, it won't take a big financial investment to perhaps, uh, bake cookies. You know, for a living for a living.

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