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Should continue to mature a little bit in gel but making the top foreign this division tough. I don't see it happening whit. We'll go to you first on this. One buddy yeah. Like i said i mean this is. This is a prospect pool that that the whole leagues jealous but in terms of a team that compete for the playoffs. Getting in now last year they were actually way better than i thought. Ra pick them to win the cup. He ended up he ended up being. Just it's just a tad off. But i do think that they will. They will this year. Also be a pain in the ass to play against right. Knock going to be a team. That's like a pushover. They play hard. They have a ton of skill and now they gotta get brady. Sign that we mentioned before. But it's up to guys to take the next step when you're a team like this right like that. Brannstrom was traded for stone. You know he was the biggest part of that defense and he really hasn't shown anything yet and he's super young still but like this is the season this is the type of guy you need to make a big jump and that needs to happen with a couple of different players like you look at josh norris right. I think there was a good rookie season for him. But you just need to take that next level. It's like every year for your first. Three four years in the league should get a little better. Whether it's whether it's something small or something large that everyone could see or or something tiny that just the coaches see. You have to continue to improve so that that's the question that remains to be seen. I don't know goaltending wise. We'll be there but they will not be an easy team to play against. But i don't have them getting in the playoffs this year. If that's usually not a good sign when you don't know half of their lineup. I liked that baths and last year. He really broke out of his shell. But yeah all in august Not not not a very good team but you said that. Dj smith he'll squeeze every bit of ounce of energy out of those guys and get them to compete. But it's just like they're just like nowhere near where they gotta be. Yeah they will be competitive. I know what picking on me about betting on them to the future on john. That doesn't mean you think they go on to win. That just means if they do when you're going to profit off. I thought what a gamble would understand that. And and i say it if it means you think they might win. Whilst would you spend the money if they do. I want to cash in. I mean. I also predicted matt. Murray have great bounceback year last year. Martin jones the vezina one season the whole basis of my prediction last year. If you guys remember business that matt murray was gonna re recapture what he didn't pittsburgh a couple of years going. Unfortunately he wasn't able to do that. But i thought that team was competitive as hell. I mentioned gimblett statistics. They were top ten on like the puck wind bets. Money line bets. They were the only team in the top. Ten did make the playoffs competitive. Hello bet in the shit out them again this year. Okay but none of us on the playoffs right. No correct on all right next up tampa bay looking at me. The first three peat since the island is one four in a row back in the early eighties. Of course like i just said. They beat the canadians. Five games and they still managed to reload ask did lose yanni. Good blake coleman robot. They're bringing in corey. Perry for the little veteran leadership. Zakpa coming back. P p p bell great depth forward and goalie. Brian elliott tobacco up. What's his face. Brain vessel f- ski cup lots of tampa bay seven one. I mean it's a no brainer. They make the playoffs in this division biz. Let's say you. I would say their biggest question. Mark going into the season is replacing. What they got into that third line they. I mean they lost a whole thing and it was proven how how big they were an order. Repeat as stanley cup champion. So but you know what i said about detroit and buffalo like when your prospects and these guys are. You're drafting or having time to develop in the minors learning how to play the game at a professional level. that's where you had the advantage. So they keep that core group together and you just need to fill in those extra holes and and you know you saw you saw when who ended up going down with injury where they put in joseph and he ended up stepping in a lineup. And you know they didn't skip a beat so this is this is the advantage you have and it was much Caloric thank you and it's you know much like how when you go back to the era where detroit dominated you would see. Their high end. Prospects had to go spend a couple of years in grand rapids. So they've done such a good job of drafting and developing these guys to be prepared for them to step into bigger roles when they're finally ready to do so when they lose guys based on the salary cap and i don't think they're going to skip a beat. Do i think that they're going to three peat. No i just think that you know eventually all that hockey does catch up to you. But i tell you what man. They're they're going to be you know as as dangerous as they usually are definitely gonna make playoffs. There's no questions their best goalie in the world. No doubt not only in regular season but playoff numbers are absolutely fucking ridiculous and even going back to last year. They did what they did without having kucherov in there. And now he's gonna be healthy and ready to go for puck. Drop so just an absolute wagon again. It's kind of cool to see. These southern markets flourishing like them in florida are going to be neck and neck and at the top of that division. I believe and that's exactly what the game needs in the playoff series last year. Was something else too with with. We finally got eight. We finally get to see that. Hate forman yes. You lose one of the best third lines. I can ever remember right in going back to back with those three guys. But when you still have headman circuit chev- mcdonagh kucherov stamkos polat brayden point and vasilevskiy. You could still win the stanley cup. Amt killer it does it. Does it in a sense like they lose all these key. Pieces are in the bottom six the forwards but like then the bruins lose david. What's worse right you. You'd much rather lose these guys in the bottom six. We could fill in and by the way like ross. Colton look sick. I think he scored the cup clinching goal in game five. He's going get a much bigger role. This year looked awesome. Young american kid. Big glenn balls fan big and in the end like just to have that entire core and fill in the blanks like you mentioned biz that that is the difference between this team and the rest of the league so i have them in the playoffs and i have them possibly doing it again. I i picked him to repeat. I'm not going pick them this year. But i wouldn't be shocked if they're in the cup final all right definitely in the playoffs. I wouldn't be surprised if they three it. All vassilev fucking good. He's he. Is that good like what you just said. Listen to that roster. How couldn't they fuck in three. Pete i mean. I think they would need a calamitous injury or some shit the bed to not. I think i don't. I don't think they're the favorites but wouldn't surprise me at all but Comedic relief right. You can watch funny shows..

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