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And his name's 93.1 kfbk. Tonight we'll see mainly clear skies expected nighttime low of 55 to 59 tomorrow Friday and Saturday will be very warm with sunshine. The high Tomorrow 94 to 98 Friday. We'll see a high of 92 94 Saturday. Expect a high 92 to 96 I'm AccuWeather's Drew Shana News. 93.1 kfbk 93 in Sacramento 99 in full some Granite Bay has 97 degrees 5 31 Year top story. Opponents of a California legislative effort to okay the creation of legal safe zones for drug users to get high are speaking out. CAPE CASE John Lowe, Bertini has tales of a World wide virtual news conference held today. They're called drugged in shooting galleries and now safe consumption sites. They had a 1000% increase in drug overdose to have their legal in places like Canada and Australia. Dr. Gary Christian drug Free Australia, however, does rights literally one Gunderson two times higher than straight race. SP 57, authored by state Senator Scott Wiener would allow injection sites in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles County. There is no evidence at all that it reduces crime or that it reduces struggle related. That's Leonard Carlson, Sweden. Police superintendent says Only seven of 49 countries in Progressive Europe are doing this state Assemblyman Jim Cooper, 30 years of law enforcement in 10. News 93.1 KFBK. Let's get more news now with K P. K's Joe Michael's City investigators today at the scene of a small plane crash in Nevada County can't be Kay's Iran Zamora with more the says No. 1 72 was on routes from Yuba County to Reno. When engine trouble started, Authorities say the pilot was able to safely guide the private single engine aircraft. To a clear landing area near immigrants. Gap. CHP Officer Jason Bisys says the two men on board were able to walk away with no injuries. They came down in the field covered in brush and poor are for the landing gear damaged part of the wing, but otherwise they were unarmed, the Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board. Continue investigating Iran. Zamora NEWS 93.1 KFBK California is eyeing to convert vacant storefronts in an effort to address its growing housing shortage. KFBK sneak him a goddess. With the story abandoned malls and big Bucks Department stores a sight more common is consumer shift their attention to online shopping now Senator Anthony Port in Tino is proposing to pay local governments to change zoning to let developers build affordable housing on those vacant lots provides an incentive in a reason. For cities to rezone to accommodate the housing and there's no better point than to create a financial incentive. Some groups argue it would drive out small businesses. But American Planning Association's Eric Philips says the bill is a step in the right direction. We're hopeful that this would be one part of addressing the need for increased housing production across income levels in California Senator and A. Caballero has also proposed a bill allowing developers to build houses on most commercial sites without changing the zoning, Nikola. Hiss news in any 3.1 kfbk. It's 5 34 on the kfbk Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neil. Thanks Joe and a Los Angeles based company looking to hire an intern to get high on marijuana. Matt Madison has the details. All they have to do is write reviews about the weed shop 600 plus products. MJ CEO Chris von told USA Today. The job will run like a wine tasting position. They're looking for an avid user who was in tune with the way marijuana impacts their body. The intern will work at 15 bucks an hour for three months. Those interested have to be at least 21 years of age and a California resident. I met Madison. Okay, He's 4 35 now and kfbk, and we're gonna check your top national stories here on news 93.1 kfbk seems like something not seen in many years in Israel is happening change at the top Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's opponents announcing a deal to form a new government without him. ABC. Easy and panel, Didn't YOU coalition is made up.

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