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Joe alita is reportedly on his way out and good be announcing his resignation later today. wwLcom LSU columnist. Jeff Palermo tells us they were rumblings that the LSU board of supervisors were not happy with how alita handled the situation with basketball. Coach will Wade there wasn't meeting last night where the board went into executive session. But no details were released about that meeting. It they termed it as to go over some litigation, but it was expected that they were supposed to talk about. The handling of the will wait situation or where they stand right now where the university stands with will wait a leaving suspended. Wade right before the basketball postseason began amid reports of possible recruiting violations, then reinstated him this week after the team was knocked out of the NCAA tournament. Saul pious, the Florida woman suspected of threatening Colorado schools is dead. CBS news. Peter King reports CBS news has just confirmed. The suspect is dead. Correspondent Barry Petersen. An eighteen year old girl with an infatuation for Columbine who shut down the entire Denver area school system is that the search was concentrated west of Denver. From the beginning. They thought she was hiding somewhere in the foothills not we're told that this was a serious search people deputies with guns drawn. But of course, it would be because they believe she has a pump action shotgun that she bought what she came to Denver and ammunition. But again confirmation moments ago, the suspect in the Denver school threats is dead. CBS news special report, I'm Peter King. Former Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco is under hospice care WWL. Kevin Barnhart has more Blanco who served as governor from two thousand four to two thousand eight was diagnosed with cancer in twenty eleven but the cancer returned in checkup between seventeen Franklin Representative Sam Jones time on Tuesday to recognize the governor signed for her life. She hasn't been struggling of late with cancer. She's been very forward.

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