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Year. I think everyone thinks that's that's inevitable and it probably is Because the players association and the owners are going to go to war over riot things. And i think it's going to be difficult to avoid a work stoppage. But what's always incredible to me. Is that you see. These franchises values skyrocket billions and billions and billions of dollars. And somehow the players don't deserve any of that in terms of the public sphere and that they should just be happy to get paid anything to play a kids game and that is the prevailing attitude when these things are generally talked about. How can you complain about getting pay anything to play kids games because people watch on television and they think it's easy in a way that when they see a great singer perform onstage or they see a great actor performing a movie. They don't watch that it's to do that if suitably they know that they can't for some reason when they watch mcgillion butcher third base. They think 'cause they played in high school that they could make that play. I guarantee you you okay You know i i was. I was a decent summer league player to okay. Whatever mcgowan do is twenty times. The fielder that that i could ever be ceiling a major league baseball. Major league ground ball And he's not even you know in the higher echelon obviously when it comes to doing that at that level..

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