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About Milwaukee the best team in the NBA right now. 9 in one after the loss to Atlanta on Monday. That was their third game in four nights. Understandable that they struggled in the second half of that one. Giannis is putting up MVP numbers hour. Drew holidays putting up all star numbers. They have the number one defense in the NBA and they have done all this while Chris Middleton has played exactly zero minutes for them this season. Howard, we've talked about the parody in the NBA, but is Milwaukee right now on or in a tier all to their own? They are. And by the way, when you mention Middleton hasn't played yet, yes, really important factor here, Chris Middleton, great score, great shooter. Defender, everything they'll be better when he gets back. But he's not even the only significant piece they're missing because pat Connaughton hasn't played and Joe ingles hasn't played. And the reason I bring up those guys also, they're not obviously Middleton's level, but think of how deep the rotation is. And by the way, think about how much shooting that is. Chris Middleton is a 39% career three point shooter. Connaughton, career 36%, ingles, career 41%, not to mention Joe angles, really good playmaker, great with the ball in his hands and another guy who, you know, between him and Middleton and Yanis and drew holiday. Like, that's a bunch of guys who can do something with the ball in their hands, make plays, get other guys open. They're going to be even better. The bucks are going to be even better. And they just suffered their first loss last night. Interestingly, they've got the by far the number one defense in the NBA, like three points per 100 possessions better than Cleveland, who's number two. And a huge leap from last year. There were 14 in defense last season, which actually surprised me. I thought they would have been better. They're up to their number one buy a lot. They're only 18th in offense right now, and that's a big plummet from last season when they were third overall. So the offense should get better. If I were going to, you know, play Milwaukee Grinch here for a minute, Chris. Giannis usage rate is through the freaking roof. And it's paying off for them. It's paying dividends and maybe it's partially out of necessity because of the absence of Middleton when he gets back things will come back to a little more equilibrium. But even in this era of these do everything high usage players like Hardin during his Houston years and rust during his his Oklahoma years and Luca and Dallas, this is still like almost a historic outlier. I looked it up real quick. So

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