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Midway through the searching guy. Go let it. He's so good at just he takes those little phrases and just repeats them and and hooks with a melody and it just stuck in your head all the time you just good at everything he does. Yeah right yeah. Because i think it's great right and you got drums you know. And what What can't dave grohl do. I had like a really dark joke on the minds. Cbs knocker. oh no no you gotta say it. Now you're say save rana save. Oh all man well you know i mean. We all know how that ended. Yeah so but it seems when he drives save other bands he fails navonna leads up when he failed with. It got close with zappa. What he failed. What happened with led zeppelin. He got pretty much everyone in to do. A led zeppelin Reunion except for broader plan. Really see. I don't know everything. Dave grohl so i realize that a slot for awhile and i was like i learned what the april does the role i mean. I don't blame you for doing that. I think most of the things. I know about dave grohl just stem from doing or just watching that the headlines because i probably will not really the last year too much just because of covid but especially when they were on tour. You always see. Dave grohl come up especially when he had the broken leg and you know still playing the shows and all that chip so the greatest human. Yeah he really has. His coffee is coffee jokes or the videos or fantastic. The fresh pods one and the drug. Get off a coffee addiction. Well it only it only makes sense because he actually oh deed on coffee. They just got a great sense of humor. Yeah i think wasn't that during the recording of one of their records. I think it was not the last one. Did the one before. Okay i it was a lot longer ago than that but again no expert on dave grill could be here. I am sounding like one and then like about some expert gave this guy. Does note the fucking stalking random dude. It's so strange like this is the second time we've done this within like kind of a short span except now you're on my show and before i was on your show so it's almost like it's becoming a regular thing now i'm okay with that i i was gonna say people pick like who's a better host ed we could do. We could do a vote. We could do a poll for For this episode. Be like okay so if you listen to the nonsense podcast and you heard random to his hosting and now you listen to pop pumpkin. Pizza and jacques is the host who is the better. You know who did what better your who did what better. Yeah i'm probably gonna be guest in house. Because i don't think things through i things They'll probably be a better. I'll probably be what our guests like better. I'll be a better guest than i am a host. I get what you're saying. They're both they can both be kinda daunting it. Just all depends on how you're feeling at that moment. You know very true. I guess that's one of the many things. But no i thought you were a great host man. I had a lot of fun on the nonsense podcast. So so thanks. Yeah it was. It was a good time. We talked about pizza. Of course. I think what you asked me about. It was like new york style pizza and like chicago style right. We did we did. The stereotypical like better pizza question. Yeah i have to skate around that one. I always have to kind of tiptoe. Because i don't want to piss off any listeners. You know. I don't wanna lose lose the fans but play boss non-sporty fight you guys on pizza. That's true that's very true So random it is great to have you on the show you are of course from what makes sense out of new york and Groundhog day sir. Latest single which. It's already been out for a month or two at this point right. I think was sixteen. Th i think. Today's like exactly like a month to wanted two days. That i thought so. And it's got a great hook right in the beginning of the song and ecorse like the first thing i think of when i hear groundhog day or see groundhog as i think of the movie. Because as one of my favorite movies And but i'm pretty sure the song itself maybe referencing towards is it a reference towards the movie where things are just kind of the same over and over again one hundred percent okay. So the idea like the idea of like the song is like i use it in terms of breaking out of a relationship. So you're breaking out of a cycle of hey like you can't save everybody trying and trying and keep you keep butting heads like no one's getting anywhere. Nothing changes sometimes. The best way to help other people to help yourself to break that cycle and start a new day and groundhog day. The movie as what it was it'd be a better person. Find a new day and finally broke out the cycles. that's why. I rolled with groundhog day for the title on that one so Did did you literally like watch this movie and think This is kind of like the relationship. I'm in right now. I'm gonna write a song about this but kind of like loosely. Tie in the whole concept of groundhog day. Like how did that show. It was a longtime friend of mine. We don't talk anymore for those who know what makes sense. History of pretty ship with family members have been most of what the writings about in general in our songs and going through. That and i happened to i wrote. I wrote that al and then happened to be going through i will. I will movies especially older movies. Have we were talking about that. Yeah had be going through watching and grandma came on. I was like man. That's like one is a cool name. It really does kind of like some what. I'm trying to say in the song like break that cycle and that's how groundhog day became the title. I had to fight a little bit. 'cause really why ground high data rate. Well what's so funny about it. Is that the title is not a very serious title and it totally works with the whole pop punk sensibility. of course. There's a pop. Punk song called groundhog day. Of course there is like you know what i mean. It's just like falls perfectly into that but like the meaning of the song. There's actually a lot more to it and it's also really interesting to hear talking to writers like yourself where a lot of times you think specific because this song was a necessarily about like a girl right right. I wasn't about a girl. He's valley is more about relationship in a lot of times. I feel like a lot of us. Perceive okay well this is obviously. It's about a girl you know what i mean like a lot of times. You don't actually know that. Oh wait it's actually about something deeper than that especially when it comes to pop punk. We automatically think the girl or the guy or you know whoever it is i. A guest does.

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