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Just in the spirit of shout outs and whatnot A analysts that I respect the game user rights about maybe reds about boxing Connery. Bush at boxing Bush, actually, just released two article call the old school skills. Earl Spencer junior that's on my reading list here in Jerry Cooney in the previous or earlier in our show. I should say speaking about those skills and whatnot. Just got me got me fired up to look into this one more for this weekend. Now guys, I do want to update a little bit on some of the troubles that have been taken place outside of the octagon. But as you all know, Dan, Tom joins us a couple times a week. And I don't know that we've had a chance to hear his reaction to Tony Ferguson. Dan, you opened up the junky app. I'm sure one day or your laptop. You saw the news, man. What did you think? And how do you react to that a guy that you? I know you're a big Tony. I researched them a lot you feel like he's he's the guy or maybe someone who has the best chance of unseating hubby number made off. So I know you studied them a lot. But I know this had to have shocked you when you read read the story about him. Yeah. No. I am also. And I know I know definitely I definitely been the hardest flag-waver for that guy. And I guess the only. The only I wouldn't even say joke because I don't think this should be joked about guys or anything like that. But the only thing I would say it was just like, oh man reading that. I'm like, you know, quietly carry my flag over to the dust employees amount and just sticking it in there. You know? But no, no, honestly, no, no just kidding guys. I this is not something to be joked about and I really haven't commented too much online, George and be more than happy to speak a little bit here. But the reason why I haven't commented too much just because everything we don't really know the facts of these things for one which is something I think a lot of us forget the exercise when we're making our judgments about situations, and for two this isn't your normal run of the mill stuff, you know, I saw people taking the same stance of he's a jerk it CT, and we we heard a lot of that. With Matt Hughes words with Matt Hughes as much as a m may legend is he is there's there was evidence and self admitted evidence, by the way in his own book that you know, he was kind of a certain way before that incident were as Tony Ferguson yet. He was always kind of. Cookie. But you read the details that are actually in that report guys at this isn't your run of the mill douche bag asshole. Or you know, DV domestic domestic violence offender. This isn't the normal run-of-the-mill stuff this stuff. We're you know, he he probably needs some help..

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