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Thank you for the call your calls and thoughts welcome bid on flood insurance or as we actually started the show on talking about the bundy ranch situation specifically because one of the guys from new hampshire that went out to that stand off wound up being sentenced yesterday to eighty seven minds in federal prison after he pled guilty last august two participating in quote a criminal conspiracy end quote when he travelled to joy hundreds of other protesters in nevada supporting it live in bundy they're still more on that story and of course the your calls and thoughts welcome eight fifty five four fifty free that's eight five five four five zero three seven three three or you could just bring up anything that's on your mind this is free talk live ooh when you're for yourself taxes get complicated they got the guesswork with quick book self employed stand the flow the core sal i'm not just acting also do a stray shower them so whether i'm on camera our just working at my books focused on my lines thousand different ask small gangs side giggs kings selfemployed help me get ready tax that that right expenses a swipe one hat wearing last year math quicker fame ray here leaving thanks for example i can gps my finances yeah as glenn federally signing stay.

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