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Mean he was but yeah could look that way. That was not in the miller report. So that's the first bit of new information. We have from began testimony. We all knew that and did a shoot. Did talk about that because it comes up later right that he believes could look like trump or meddling in the mueller probe if he called the department of justice to complain about his ridiculous conflicts of interest. Now the part that is in the miller report though is where the lawyer chief of staff to mcgann donaldson told the president that going through his personal attorney to do it with look like. You're trying to meddle in the investigation and knocking out. Muller would be another fact using acclaim of obstruction of justice and the dem's got mcgann to agree to her statement. So that's pretty nice work but he's just confirming that publicly available portion of the miller report but he saying yes. Those notes are accurate that my chief staff took now then asked what other facts was donaldson referring to. Then there was an objection and the argument back with these were. Her notes of what mcgann told her about the meeting so they are mcgann statements mcgann conceded the point and said he must've said that so now they're asked again One of the dams asked again. I'm sorry i don't know if it was now they're not. They didn't put the name in front of each question. Just at questions were asked but one of the dams asked again. What other facts. He was referring to in donaldson's notes that could constitute obstruction and mcgann's as well. Yeah there was already a ton of news coverage over you know a number of other issues including the removal of the director of the fbi. The michael flynn's situation The report has i mean you can read from Prior to page eighty one and that gives you the list then they reminded mcgann About what. He told trump that his biggest exposure wasn't that he fired komi but his other contacts and the flynn ask mcgann confirms that he said that. And explains what those events were the flint. Ask easy on flynn. and then. and then the dem's asked what what other contacts were you referring to against that he was referring to the other contacts with komi the dinner the phone call the loyalty ass stuff. Komi had taken his contemporaneous notes interesting. We kind of didn't know what he meant by other contacts. So that sort of new but we know we knew Then onto the washington post When they reported trump was under investigation for obstruction and called mcgann twice that weekend and asked him to call rosenstein. And bring up those conflicts. And tell rosenstein. Muller can't serve because of them he then said. In the president's view motion be able to serve a special counsel because of the conflicts mcgann told told the dem's he would not be comfortable making the call to rosenstein and really just wanted to get off the phone. When asked why he wasn't comfortable mcgann opened up a little not comfortable making it the same reasons i stated before. It's not the official council to the president's job to raise with the in the case i guess of the acting attorney general a conflict. That sounds like it's business or personal and that would take me far out of line in my job. And given all the other atmospheric surroundings and conversations about flynn with komi and and the like it just in my judgment is a lawyer. Wasn't the right. Time to call rod rosenstein and i also had a concern. I wasn't really sure how rod would react. My fear was if you push rod too hard on the point he like if i conveyed the tone that i heard on the phone from the president to rod. Rod could do who knows what he could resign himself. Who knows what rod would do. So what i was not going to do is cause any sort of chain-reaction it would cause this to spiral out of control in a way that wasn't in the best interests at least as a lawyer. What i thought was in the best interest of my client. Which was the president. Then she gets good. Who knows what rod would do. You said like what well he could resign. Why would he resign. Because he may have felt hip he'd been given an order he couldn't execute. And you know if you're given order you don't think you can follow you resign. Why would you couldn't follow that order like you'd have to ask him. But i didn't want to put rod in a box. It's rot in a box. And you were also concerned about calling rod because you could be a fact witness. Isn't that right absolutely cool. And this is a fun. Exchange question mcgann said. He told the president that he would see what he could do. And i did say that. Yeah yeah. Did you intend to see what you could do. No then why did you say that to the president. I was trying to get off the phone. Dumb say bottom of age eighty five eighty six and then report it says mcgann was concerned about having any role in asking the acting attorney. General refile special fire special counsel because he had grown up in the reagan era and wanted to be more like judge robert bork and not quote saturday. Night massacre bork. You wanted to be like judge robert bork. And not saturday. Night massacre work as expected. Republicans questioned mcgann about nothing really substantial other than trying to discredit the fbi. Investigation into flynn and muller was never actually fired so obstruction of justice doesn't count which is wrong. You don't have to be successful in obstructing justice to have obstructed. They tried to relitigate muller's findings by suggesting the president is allowed to corruptly fire comey which is also not true and by the way. This is mr caster you'll remember from. He's the charming man from the second impeachment. Trial who's now defending some capital insurrectionists then gates who is under federal investigation for sex trafficking a minor asked mcgann rosenstein ever threatened to resign or if a saturday night massacre style. Thing even happened. Because i guess gates one can't remember or two thinks that in order to obstruct justice you have to be successful. Caster then brought up a third conflict of interest. That the dem's left out an okay. Good on you. That muller had interviewed for fbi director. But he didn't mcgann said. No one was advocating for muller to get the job and he didn't recall. Muller was interviewed. Right after mcgann. Said that castor said you didn't witness any collusion with any russian people. Right you go from muller wasn't interviewing for the fbi position. Did you witness any collusion with you. Didn't witness any collusion with any russian people. Right then caster asked. Mcgann thinks trump made the right decision to fire comey. Mcgann said yes but once again irrelevant. Mcgann described his feelings about the president's directive that he ordered then deputy attorney general rosenstein to fire muller and he said he worried presently. The whole situation could result into being pulled into a congressional hearing. Your is after trump pushed him to have muller ousted a second time during a phone call. Mcgann said he didn't feel great. That was testimony. Go after i got off the phone with the president. How did it feel oof. Frustrated perturbed trapped. Many emotions felt trapped. Because the president had the same conversation with me repeatedly. And i thought i conveyed my views and offered my advice. And we're still having the same conversation. And i figured at some point he'd wanna have that conversation again at that point. I wasn't exactly sure how to navigate that one so i felt like i was trapped. Jerry nadler who pushed for them again testimony for years like i said released a statement describing the testimony as revelatory all told mr begins. Testimony gives us a fresh look at how dangerously close president trump brought us to in mr mcgann's words. The point of no return. We knew that jerry. The hearing got occasionally testy democrats pressed mcgann on events. From four years earlier mcgann appeared to sidestep certain questions such as his reaction to actions taken by the former guy or in some. Instances said he didn't understand the question. And one example mcgann said. He didn't have a crisp recollection about certain conversations with trump and others and deferred to his previous testimony. And that right there my friends. Mcgann's repeated complaint. That that should happen for years ago. And he can't remember goes right to the heart of why the investigation was so important even if he didn't draw any conclusions other than we can't not say trump didn't obstruct justice at hammers home. The need for congressional subpoenas to be complied with properly. And it's a good argument for any court battle in the future that we might see. Maybe now with this new story about him going after shift and swallow wells records.

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