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Today NBC, News Radio I'm Tom Roberts US coast guard crews are lifting an ill-fated duck boat from the waters of the southern. Missouri lake the boat will be turned over. To inspectors as an, investigation continues Lauren Smith tells NBC's today show she lost her son and grandson on, the boat but she was able to save a. Little girl she felt really bad because she said us off children around the in the water screaming The help of the. Waves were so high she's kept pushing away seventeen people died in stormy weather on table. Rock lake Thursday evening Toronto mayor John Torrey is calling yesterday's deadly. Mass shooting in his city a cowardly act of violence to people plus the shooter were, killed when a gunman randomly opened, fire in the city's greektown neighborhood Tori says, Toronto will, always stand. Strong while our city will always be resilient in the face of such attacks it does not mean. Such, a terrible act committed against our residents, is any less painful this is an, attack against, innocent. Families and against, our entire city the suspect died in a gunfight with police President Trump is warning Iran's president via. Twitter not to threaten the US again saying. That the country would, suffer unprecedented consequences White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says the tweets were not aimed, at diverting attention away from the president's controversies about. Russia meanwhile the president tweets that the quote Amazon Washington Post lost a landmark internet sales Tax case in the supreme court, and is now going crazy against him Record-breaking temperatures are threatening the south west with, heat so intense, it could increase the risk of wildfires and NBC reporter Tammy Lightner. Says many big cities are seeing triple digits on the thermometer this week Houston is opening five cooling centers across the. City in Phoenix where temperatures or expected to soar to one fifteen today. Rescue crews responding to numerous reports of hikers, suffering from heat related issues the food. And Drug administration is green lighting a new, drug to treat recurring malaria you're listening, to the latest from NBC News Radio Adviser to the. Country the focus Sunday was on discrediting FBI bias explained by the. Steele dossier and the Devin Nunes mammo- the FBI documentation seemed. To indicate that the four Republican judges weighing the application were provided with evidence beyond the dossiers contents Mike Bauer NBC, News Radio Papa John's board of directors is reportedly trying to stop its founder from taking over the company the Louisville journal courier reported yesterday that company leaders are considering a poison pill to keep John schnatter from retaking, the company because he still owns. Twenty nine percent of. It schnatter resigned as board chairman earlier this month. After using. Racial slur but more recently has said he's had a, change of heart, a racehorse is dead and the jockeys hurt after an accident at. The del mar racetrack during the morning training sessions the Horace Bobby Abu Dhabi collapsed tossing jockey Victor Espinoza to the. Ground officials in San Diego County believed that the horse suffered a sudden. Cardiac arrest and died instantly Espinosa suffered a, fractured vertebra and several other injuries but, is expected to be okay Espinosa road American fare Oh to a triple. Crown win in two thousand fifteen. And says he's saddened about what happened Jayson Campadonia NBC News Radio passengers who get their monthly tickets. From the.

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