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For the G seven summit. The president spoke to troops upon his arrival, National security advisor Jake Sullivan says President Biden wants to see more sharing of coronavirus vaccine at this summit. I don't anticipate contention on the issue of vaccines, I anticipate convergence. Because we're all converging around the idea that we need to boost vaccine supply in a number of ways, a source tells the AP President Biden is expected to announce tomorrow the U. S will buy 500 Million more doses of the Pfizer vaccine to share through the Global Kovacs alliance. A federal watchdog is out with a report on why racial justice protesters were forcibly cleared from an area near the White House. Last year. Demonstrators protesting George Floyd's death were forced out of Lafayette Park with pepper pellets and flash bang. Half hour before then President Trump walked across the park for a photo op, The Interior Department's inspector general, says Park police did not break up the protest because of Trump, but rather solar contractor could start installing new fencing, the report says. While the move was justified, law enforcement agencies did not communicate well enough with each other or with protesters about the crackdown, which critics say was politically motivated. Sander Megane Washington There's a search for two people in San Antonio, Texas, wanted for a shooting at a local air force base. Officials at joint base San Antonio Lackland say the two fired shots toward an area where based personnel were training before running off. No injuries were reported. The Marine Corps is relieving Major General Robert Castel be of his duties for failing to properly trained Marines and sailors and evaluate the platoon before an exercise last summer when their seafaring tanks sank off Southern California. Nine troops were killed. This is a P news The National Ski Areas Association reports a strong rebound despite the pandemic visits by skiers to US resorts totaled 59 million for the season, the National Ski Areas Association says. That's the fifth best on record Americans were looking for safe outdoor recreation CEO Kelly Pollock says from utter uncertainty to a top 10 season. What a year many resorts were forced to close in spring of 2020 in the U. S ski industry lost at least $2 billion that winter. But about seven months later, the chairlift started running again with guests in Embracing a new normal, wearing masks standing apart in lines and writing lifts only with their own group. The average U. S ski area was opened 13 days longer than last year, and many small and medium sized ski areas performed well because more guests chose to stay close to home for their ski trips. I'm Jennifer King to British women. Apparently sisters are recovering from a crocodile attack in a lagoon along Mexico's southern Pacific border. One of the women underwent surgery and was in an induced coma. I'm Ed Donahue. AP News. I'm Ed Donahue with an A P news minute. President Biden's first overseas trip since he took office has started. He's in Britain first stop the G seven summit, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan says leaders will come together on vaccines. I don't anticipate contention on the issue of vaccines, I anticipate convergence. Because we're all converging around.

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