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This is time and it's important time. And then someone from Jags officers get back to you and give you the results of their analysis of what you have told them about what's going on in your body in the symptom survey. All right, so and they probably be a recommendation to do certain things maybe take certain supplements that kind of stuff because that's what it is. I've been on since this cleansing diet is horrible broth diet that Mary Jackson wife. He's got me a horrible. It's horrible. But I can feel horrible horrible. Awful. It's terrible. Are you a are you boring? It is. Is what it is doing for? I understand that. And that's why I'm having fun editor it's cleaning out my body cleaning out the system, which I started doing with life change tea, and this is just more of a concentration, it's basically a fluid clench because that's really you say that it shields up the whatever the openings are in the gut. That's a good way to do it. And then, you know, you get on some of these food based dietetic additive. Notice supplements and you'll get somewhere but keep eating all the wrong stuff. You're not gonna have the consequences may be great. You may be very satisfied. Eat a big meal have a big piece of pie or cake at the end. Wow. Do I feel great? I had but when you're on. So once you once the you've done the broth for a few days and start introducing some meat into it. You eat what you crave except for sugar except for sugary stuff. You eat. What you crave your digestion is I'm craving blueberry and apple pie and ice cream avoiding right now. Broth. Mary phase now. All right, Jack continues who's more help for you and a matter of moments year. Good day time is twenty eight after the hour. Cale drink contains absolutely no drugs. Absolutely. No stimulants. It is completely safe to take. Even if you're taking other medications, it's guaranteed or your money back. So you wanna lose the way get on the program maintain UH stay on the program. Take care of things aches and pains. Stay with Calatrava. She AL OT R E N Calatrava. He get it.

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