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I really do because it'll make good content all right michael. Thanks a lot. I appreciate my pleasure. Alright pittsburgh steelers fans Thank you again for michael back to join every friday. It's going to be a lot of fun throughout the season when we do our game. Picks and things like that We'll be talking a lot of trash. I it's just it's just fun. I enjoy having him on the show. And i thank you for that also my heart to heart. I wanna finish this up with a quick hard to heart here. We have been office burger thirty nine years old entering year. Eighteen in the nfl. I feel like i say this every year. But i really wanna make sure i have as is it. Every season is as much as i can remember in. That is enjoy the time that you have with ben roths runner center. It's going to end at some point. Maybe it's after this year. Maybe it's not we don't know but every great player eventually has the point where they are done doesn't always necessarily mean that they have to end on a sour note that they are done when they can't physically do it anymore but every professional player eventually says i'm going to call it a career and we know that that time is closer than it is further away with rothlisberger and so i wanna just make sure that as the steeler fans prepare for this third preseason game as steeler fans prepare for this season understand in remember what two thousand nineteen was like. We all wanna talk about the next quarterback. Is it dwayne haskins. Is it mason. Rudolph not that. They are long-term. Answer but who would be the next big who would be the successor. A quarterback is much as i love debating that and talking about it. I'm not looking forward to that either. I'm really not i. I'm a big ben rothlisberger fan. And i really don't want to see him go anytime soon. I hope he plays well. I hope he continues to play. Well and heck. I would be fine welcoming him back in two thousand twenty two if he proves he can still played a high level. But understand that even if you get frustrated with rothlisberger understand that it's going to end sooner than later in. Just show an appreciation that's it. That's a simple heart-to-heart. Appreciate big ben while you have him because when he's gone you end up him. I know my dad talked about it. When terry bradshaw eventually retired. It'll be the same thing in pittsburgh. When ben rothlisberger leaves you just hope they don't have that from bradshaw ben era which was just like. One jumbled. Mess does all right folks. That doesn't for me for this friday. I hope you have a great friday. I hope you have a great weekend plan. Hope you enjoy the game on saturday. Make sure you check me out on the post game. Show with brian. Anthony davis and dave scofield live on. Youtube will also be under audio side. And then i'll be back on monday to talk all things steelers especially winners. Losers from saturday's game. You know how we finish out here folks be safe be kind in. God bless. Every weekend goes dealers. We'll see and barry the morning..

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