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Auto go online to guy co dot com or stop by the geico office nearest you three ways you could save you fifteen percent or more lease he's a locker room podcast who's the walking espn radio and youth fiat xenobiotic russ the of insurance guest appear of the of the show pounds off a former slide tweet us at the 1800flowerscom twitter feed at espn radio at me jeff schwartz a your nfl off its alignment at ben herzog my former team any carolina 10year tied at in the nfl you also call us at eight eight cspan eight seven to nine three seven seven six let's get right to it on the show puzzle performance line we have rex burkhead during a patriots running back from tonight winning team tonight how you doing wrecks great thing to come out so the fifth win in a row coming off a bye week how do you guys carryover that momentum into tonight's game yeah we had a great week of preparation uh we're really focused then joined in on what we need to do to get this done and um you know i think i'm just coming in we knew we facing up gets a great defense team so i worry i'll really ought to be prepared rex weektoweek the patriots are so wellknown for a on any given sunday a certain players just gonna pop did you have a sense that you were going to have the game you had tonight leading up to the game or it is that just something that happened within the flow of the game this something to kind of happened the flow um you know of course mcdaniel does a great job on what the game plan every week and i'm just recognize and matchups work and so um yeah like you said the changes every week so just been really when you're number call but as well which are due to the bus this from outsiders perspective it seems like you guys the franchise especially on offense always adapt that's to to your opponent so tonight it was a lot of five wides uh a lot of getting runningbacks in space.

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