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With us or a news are Patrick boss as fears of a new coronavirus from China spread around the world many countries are seeing rising anti Chinese set it calls for a full travel ban on Chinese and even the public aversion to those from the epicenter of the outbreak some restaurants Asian cities have refused to accept Chinese customers aboard register CNN is falling partner decided not to release the final installment of its presidential preference poll results may be compromised executive editor of the I would newspaper kera hunter posted enough in Saturday night at the same time the results of the highly anticipated survey were supposed to be released she says one of the poll respondents reported earlier in the day that I can't it's name had been omitted president trump is said to give his state of the union address Tuesday night while Britain is formally left the E. U. the hard work of building a new economic relationship between the block at sex member has just begun this is S. renews this is Dan prop for townhall dot com perhaps the most pronounced problem Democrats haven't twenty twenty is to paraphrase you too they can either live with or without Bernie Sanders they can't nominate him and when they need his supporters and Bernie backers have a healthy sense of distrust of the Democrat establishment that rate the twenty sixteen primary against their guy recent Emerson College survey finds a remarkable spread between Bernie supporters and those of other Democrat potus front runners as to the question of will you support whoever the Democrat nominee turns out to be ninety percent of warm voters in eighty seven percent of buying voters say yes by contrast only fifty four percent of Bernie voters answer in the affirmative that is a significant disappeared the Democrat party establishment wants to secure the Bernie Breaux's support but discard Bernie but without the support of the base they cannot win.

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